Chapter 1

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It was a normal, boring day. I got up, got dressed and ready, had breakfast and was off to school. "Keith!" I look around the bus and find my best friend, Toby, sitting in the very back. Of course, I thought. I walk to the back and plop down right next to him. "Wanna come to my house after school?" he asks.

"Sure! What is it? An end of school party?"

"No! That's tomorrow! Your coming over after school to get ready for it!"


"To help set up!"

"Ohh! Ya sure! I'll need to call my parents though."

"You can call from my house!"

"Who are you inviting?"

"Lots of ppl!!!"

"Like who?"

"Umm... Possibly 6th and 7th grade...."

"Dude!! That's like 100 ppl!!"

"I kn-" he couldnt finish his sentence because we were at school. We all filed out of the bus. I knew his patents would never let 100 ppl come to there house and party, so obviously they didn't know about it... Yet. Toby nor I were popular... So this could be our chance! The only bad thing is, if he invites 7th grade my sister will be there! My sister just turned 13, I was 11. My sister was a foot taller, had better grades, was more popular, had more friends.... Just about everything, except sports. I was at my desk waiting for class to start, it was just a party day, no big tests or anything. Finally, 8 hours later, I was on Tobys front porch telling him to hurry up and unlock the door. He eventually figured it out. We threw off out shoes and ran to the kitchen, for a snack! "Ice cream?" I asks. I grin, "Totally!!" we each have 2 bowls of ice cream. Then we were ready to get to work, we started in the living room. "How about we move everything to the corners and walls" I suggest. "Ummm... Ok!" Toby agrees. We start with the couch, we push and shove and pull, it wouldnt budge. I lean on the top of the couch so the front end goes up, "Toby check and see if there's anything underneath blocking the way." "Ok!" he looks "Nothing, but its not made for just sliding.... So we're gonna have to lift it up and move it." "Uhh, ok I guess we could try" we both get on one side, "1..... 2..... 3.... LIFT!!!" I say. I lift with all of my might, its so surprisingly light, that I drop it. It falls right on my foot, the very corner of it. I holler in pain, tears come to my eyes. Pulling my foot out from under it, I drop onto the couch, which is still, an hour later, no closer than it started.

"What? What happened?"

"It fell on my foot!" I mumble.

"What? THe couch? But how could that possibly hurt? Its so light!"

"Ya, well when the very corner of it, falls from a foot in the air, onto your foot! It hurts!" I snap

"Jeez, sorry! Wanna try again?"

"Fine" we both get back onto our sides, "1.... 2..... 3.... and LIFT!!" Toby yells. We both lift, and this time I hold it firmly. "Alright lets move it a li-"

"WHAT ON EARTH ARE YALL DOING!?!?!?" I hear Toby's mom yell. Busted I thought, "Uhhh.... Moving a couch." Toby says. "Put that down right now before one of yall gets hurt!" A little to late for that! I thought. "Keith set it down gently!" we set the couch down.

"Aww Mom! You said I could have a few people over..." Toby says nervously. Ya... she doesn't know about the party, I thought.

"I didn't know it had to do with moving furniture." she answers.

"Please Mom! We'll move it all back when everyone leaves!" he elbows me in the side. I give him a nasty look, then say "Ya! We'll move everything back" Mrs. Hadley sighs, "Yall promise?" "Cross my heart hope to die!" we both recite. "Nothing broken?" "Nothing!" "Well...." "Please Mom?" 'Fine!" "YAAAAAAAA!!!!!" We hoot and holler. Mrs. Hadley smiles, "Oh, by the way... HOw many people are coming?" Great, just great, I thought. Toby looks at his Mom nervously, "Well? How many?" "Umm..... Maybe... Possibly.... 100?"

And we're dead.

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