Jez ran her fingers along the soft, blue feathers of her mark. She turned it over and over again and again in her hands. She had only been living with Harry for a day now. To Jez it had seemed much longer. It wasn’t the length of time being away from Steve that made the hours long. It was knowing that there were many more hours to come before she would get to see him again. Jez was never short of company at Harry’s. Between Harry, Peter and the staff she barely had any alone time. Jez felt strange having people working for her.

She wasn’t used to being in charge this way. Jez was used to being the leader on missions and bossing around S.H.I.E.L.D agents. She didn’t have servants. Still, Jez was waited on hand and foot. Nobody knew why Jez was there and no one asked. All they knew was that she was Harry’s guest who would be staying for an unknown amount of time and that they worked for her. The same went for Peter.

Even with Jez having just arrived Harry had spent most of his time at OSCORP doing ‘research’. He wouldn’t tell Jez what kind of research or why and she didn’t push. Knowing Harry it wouldn’t be up to Bruce and Tony’s levels of science. Jez felt her mind wander to her other friends who she wouldn’t see for a while. She wondered if they’d miss her too. Tony would probably only be thinking about Pepper, his new wife, but Jez held out hope that Bruce might miss their long chats about science that Jez barely understood.

“Jezebel,” Harry said poking his head around her bedroom door. Jez hadn’t heard him arrive home. “Dinner is ready. Do you want it up here or where?”

“Where’s Peter eating?” Jez asked placing her mask under her pillow. Harry took another step into the dark room as Jez stood.

“Pete isn’t here,” Harry replied messing with the sleeves of his baby blue jumper. “He said something about going to the helicarrier.”

Hearing Harry speak so casually about Jezebel’s secret life made her feel weird. Harry shouldn’t be involved in this world.

“I’m sorry for getting you involved,” Jez said and left her room for dinner. Harry followed closely behind.

“I’m glad I am,” Harry said. “And Peter got me involved too anyway. I was bound to be sooner or later.” Jez shrugged. It was true. Having two superhero best friends was bound to get him into some form of trouble.

Throughout dinner and the rest of that night Jez and Harry behaved completely normal. Jez enjoyed not being BlueJay for a while. She hadn’t realised how much she had missed being normal but she missed Steve more. Harry knew that and had picked up on it easily.

“You miss him,” Harry said in the middle of watching Beauty and the Beast. Jez nodded sadly.

“All the time,” Jez replied thinking of the man she loved. She hadn’t seen him since she had left for the hospital.

“They’ll find whoever is after you Jez and then you’ll have the perfect wedding,” Harry said and stretched. Jez raised an eyebrow.

“You want me to leave and have a perfect wedding?” Jez asked. “Am I that hard to live with?” Harry chuckled.

“I’ll never want you to leave and get married but you will eventually,” he said. “I know it sounds cliché but all I want is for you to be safe and happy.”

Jez smiled into her hands. She jumped when magazines landed on her lap. Peter swung down from the roof and crouched in front of her.

“Those are for you from Steve,” he said. “He told me to tell you that you still have a wedding to plan and he expects you to have it perfect in all of your spare time.”

“What else did he say?” Jez asked. “How did he look? Where is he living? How is out apartment? What did he have with him?”

Peter and Harry stared at Jez as if she was a crazy person and she may have been.

“Jez it’s been a day,” Peter said. “He looks exactly the same. He’s living on the helicarrier so that they can keep an eye on you. Your apartment has been cleared out and cleaned so that you can’t be traced. Steve had all of your stuff with him. He did say that he misses you and . . .”

“And what?” Jez asked dying for Peter to continue.

Peter glanced at Harry for a millisecond before carrying on.

“And that he loves you,” Peter finished. He sounded uncomfortable saying it but Jez ignored him.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked as Jez hopped up. The boys did too and were prepared to wrestle her to the ground. Jez didn’t think either of them would be able to.

“I’m going to my room if that’s okay with my bodyguards,” Jez joked but Peter wasn’t buying it.

“I’ll go too,” Peter said. “Being maid of honour and all I better start to help plan this wedding.” Jez groaned and stomped away with a smug Peter following behind.

“Peter I just want to see him to at least say goodbye,” Jez whispered on the way up the stairs.

“How do you miss him so much?” Peter asked. “It’s only been a day Jez. You’ve gone longer than that without seeing him.”

“It’s not that it’s been a long time,” Jez explained. “It’s that I know it’s going to be a long time and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to take it. Think about it Peter. How often are Steve and I actually together? I spend more time with you than I do with him!”

Peter nodded understanding a little better. He missed MJ so much but tried not to think about her as little as possible. Nobody spoke about her and Peter preferred it that way. Despite his efforts, he spent most of his time wondering why MJ would have put on the suit anyway. She must have known how dangerous it was especially since she couldn’t take care of herself. He didn’t want to think it but sometimes he wondered if MJ was jealous of Jez. He knew that she always had been in a way but now he wondered if she was also jealous of the close knit relationship Peter had with Jez.

“Peter,” Jez said snapping him out of his train of thought. He gave her a grateful smile. “Let’s look at flowers.”

“That sounds surprisingly appealing,” Peter replied surprised.

“I’m glad it does because it doesn’t stop there Parker,” Jez joked and poked Peter’s chest. “Planning a wedding is going to be harder than stopping any villain we ever have or ever will fight. Are you prepared to accept the challenge son?” Peter laughed. Jez sounded like Steve.

“Yes Ma’am,” Peter replied and stood like a soldier. They laughed and opened up the first magazines.

In no time Peter was unconscious at the end of Jezebel’s bed. She closed her magazine and watched Peter. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked concerned. Jez wondered if he had ever stopped thinking about MJ. He had loved her so much but at the same time he seemed to be taking everything remarkably well. He seemed exactly the same Peter as he’d always been and Jez was glad he was. Jez would do whatever it took to avenge MJ’s death with Peter. He wasn’t the revenge type of person but Jez knew that if he caught the murderer the man or woman would be very sorry.

Jez slipped into her bed being careful not to kick Peter off and flicked off the lights before rolling up into a ball. Within minutes she was in a soft, dreamless sleep. The calm feeling didn’t last long, though. Before Jez knew it she was gasping for air that wasn’t coming. A hand covered her mouth preventing her to scream and a man was kneeling over her. Jez could tell the man was too big to be Peter or Harry but she didn’t panic. Before she defended herself she took a proper look at the person’s face.


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