Nay P.O.V 

I sighed in annoyance today was Monday Which means the school weeks had started -_-. I got out of bed and did my daily routine. I pulled out my clothes and slipped them on. I ran downstairs and saw my mom cooking Breakfeast Morning Ma i kissed he cheak and grabbed my plate that had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Morning she said smiling at Me. I finnish my food kissed my mom on her cheak and walk to the bus stop. The Bus came in 5 mins. I walked in the back and saw Kayla Hayy girl i said laughing Wassup She said laughing Kayla , So How was your weekend she said while applying cherry lip gloss on good i said what about you. Nothing special But guess what.!  What?

Ray P.O.V 

I got to school on time for once. I went to my locker and got my books and binders wassup Boi i heard Roc Voice laughing. Nothing wassup with You. Nothing You good he said looking at me weird.  yea im good how yo ass doing trying to show of yesterday i said laughing holding my chest not trying to choke. Oh You got jokes. Yea i got jokes. Wth where you thinking. He just shooked his head. I dont know man I started laughing even harder. Was it that funny roc said looking me in the eye. Hell Yeah. Now i had tears forming up in my eyes from laughing so hard. Fuck You Roc said walking past me. i shook my head now that shit was funny. 

Kayla P.O.V 

What ? So i was thinking mabey I should have a house party this weekend. Ummm idk kay. Why i said with my  whiney voice. I dont know that just not me and you know how i fell around alot of people  . OMG Nay stop being so inscure your fucking beauitful.Nay smiled at me and look out the window. Nay pllleasseee pretty please ill only do if you come i said pulling on her arm. Fine! yay i started clappingmy hands like a lil girl. your so childish she said laughing at me.  I love you to i peck her cheeak and we both started laughing. So you have to help me decorate and evrything and get the word spreaded. she nod her head as the bus finally arvived at school.   

Princeton P.O.V 

I swear this was on of the worst Bus rides ever i was behind these two girls and they where just ugghh. and whiney just annoying but the light skin one with the curly hair was cute i guess. I ran out the bus and pulled up my acid jeans up. i took my shades out of my bag and put them on. my name is Jacob aka  princeton but my family only calls me that. Im anti social at school bcause everyone here is fake and annoying. Most people always tell me that im so quiet. That because i dont associate with fake ass people. I walked into my first class and sat all the way in the back. Not wanting to be bothered in this hell hole. 

Arin P.O.V 

I walked down the hall with my baby prod. <3 he is my everything . We been dating since the summer had started. You alright he  said smiling at me kissing my hand yeah ! He made fell like i was on cloud 9. We walked to my class and he grabbed my waist and kissed my lips. I see you later mhmm yeah i bit his lip. he chuckled,' by baby he gave me one last peck" . I smiled and walk in class gawshh he make me so happy. Wassup Boo i looked up and saw jawan with a smirk on his face. Leave me alone. Dont act like that babe you know you miss me. Jawan Leave me alone im done with you. You might be done but im not he said whispering in my ear. ughh why me i mumbled .

Roc P.O.V 

The way that ray was laughing at me made me seem so stupid. I bascily just made a fool of myself trying to impress Nay. What if she think im a fool and cant stand up on my two feet. I walked into history class and saw nay sitting there in the middles of class. I did not know she was in here. i was smiling to hard just standing in the mddle of class Mr.Young please take a seat Ms.Alexzander said . Everyone just look at me weird. Umm yeah i said. Nay look up and waved at me i waved back and i sat beside her. Hey. Hi she said.  why is she so beautiful. Roc?! Huh i said looking at her . Are you ok she said laughing umm yeah why . because you felt on your ass yesterday she said gigling. Oh yea im sorry but that was to funny she said covering her hand with her mouth. I just smiled you really thought that was funny ? yes omg you should have seen the way you felt i just look at her and turn my head. 

Nay P.O.V 

I was laughing with roc. He was so cute lol. I was making fun when he felt but i think he took it serious r-rroc im sorry. I was just joaking i said tugging on his arm it was a joke roc Forgive me please? He look at me and smiled you and ray got mad jokes huh? I just laughed it was cute how you was trying to impress me i said smiling I- he got cut off by the bell and class had officialy started  

So What yall think please tell me how you fell espicailly with the story and spell checks share with your freinds please. Tell Me what you like about the story and tell me if it make sense :)) 

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