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Chapter 3

Running over to her I was hit by panic fearing she may be in serious and even fatal trouble. What the hell is a woman doing out here at this time of night with nothing on but her skivvies? Setting the lantern down where I could see her face I shake her arm. Even in her condition I had never seen a more beautiful creature. She had some amazing curves to her body that I would just love to run my hands over. I would bet my life savings that her skin is as soft as rose petals to touch. Shaking the pervert out of my head I tried to focus that she could be in a serious state.

“Hey you okay? Ma’am please!” I yell at her shaking her furiously. She is freezing and soaked to the bone from the icy ocean water. Sand is covering her entire body. She finally moaned a little I turn her head and she spit some water out. I pull her up and lean her over my knee while she sputtered the rest of the water that was filling her lungs. After her lungs were empty of liquid she once again became like a rag doll. Picking her up with one arm I shrug out of my jacket and place it on her. As soon as I got my jacket on her the sky opened up with a torrential rain so I began to run as fast as possible with her in my arms to try to get her in the house.

By the time we reached my house we were both freezing and soaked.  As I got her into the house I finally noticed her color since we had some light. Her lips were blue, she was shaking uncontrollably, her breathing was shallow, and her pulse was weak. Havin spent time in the Marines I recognize the symptoms of hypothermia immediately.

Quickly I carried her to my shower. Leaving what little she was wearing on her because it wouldn't be right to invade her privacy that way. I turned the shower on warm because a hot shower would actually hurt her in her condition.

“Can you stand in the shower without my help?” I asked as I had managed to stand her up and her eyes were now open. But as I asked this she slipped and I barely was able to catch her before she hit her head on the shower door. Stepping into the shower completely with her was difficult because I have to admit I did notice how beautiful she was. Being this close to her while the water slides down her body is pure torture.

Feeling myself grow excited I tried even harder to focus on this like a rescue mission instead of an insanely hot woman that I am currently showering with. I grabbed a sponge and my body wash and began to wash her down skipping all the good parts. Hey I am only human I can’t be touching all that and not want to devour her. As we had been in there a while  now I turned the water on hot to actually warm her up now. After squirting a large amount of shampoo in her hair I began to scrub her long blonde hair and rinse it out. After she was cleaned up I dried her off and helped her to my bedroom. Finding a pair of sweats and a sweat shirt I threw them on the bed.

“You should take your uh-your bra and panties off and put these warm clothes on. Can you do that?” I asked. She nodded her reply with a blank look on her face.

“I will be back in two minutes to check on you. I think you should sit on the bed while you get dressed so you don’t fall. I’m pretty sure you are suffering from hypothermia and there is a massive storm out there which has taken the phones out. So you are most likely stuck here tonight,” I tell her but she doesn’t even respond. Closing the bedroom door so she would have some privacy I went to brew some coffee. There is this nagging feeling that it is going to be a long night. Staring at the clock I waited exactly two minutes and was walking back to my bedroom door when she opened it and stepped out. She looked angelic with all that thick make-up removed. She had the blondest hair I have ever seen and it made her brown eyes seem like they were endless depths although they looked quite sad.

She quickly cast her eyes in a downward glance which bothered me because it was like I could see in her soul through those eyes. They were like a rich mahogany color that I had never seen before. I was itching to tell her to look at me but I forced it away.

“I was just coming to check on you. Why don’t you come over here to the couch in front of the fireplace?” I said as I guided her over to the couch grabbing the blanket I always keep on the couch. It has a Sherpa lining in it that should warm her up. I draped it around her shoulders. Making my way back to the kitchen I took down two cups and filled them with coffee adding a little sugar and milk to hers; because that’s how my momma always took her coffee and this lady hasn’t yet said a word she didn't seem in the mood to care what her coffee would taste like. When I handed her the coffee her fingers brushed mine and I almost dropped it on her. She luckily already had a grip on the cup. She sipped on the coffee and sighed. I sat beside her on the couch the light from the fireplace dancing across the creamy skin of her face.

“Thank you,” she said simply.

“Your welcome. Do you mind me asking why you are all the way out here in the middle of nowhere by yourself this time of night?” I asked hoping she was with it enough to answer but she was still in a bad shape. She began mumbling something about Corey and Jeremy but it didn’t make any sense. She talked jubberish for a long time maybe a couple of hours. Watching her eyes droop I took the coffee from her hand I picked her up off the couch and carried her to my bed. I unwrapped her from the Sherpa blanket and put her under the covers on my bed. Taking the Sherpa blanket to cover myself I lay beside her on top of the covers in my bed and curled in alongside her.


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