Cold. Kei looked around and saw black. Every inch was black. And cold. The extreme silence sent a vibrating shiver screaming up his spin, causing each hair on his neck to stand.

            A shape walked out from the darkness, with a confident stride. It wasn’t a man or woman. Nor a goddess. He knew all this, but he wasn’t able to focus on the being. Whenever his eyes tried to take it in, he became dizzy and unstable.

            “Am I dead?” asked Kei, rubbing his head after once again attempting to look.

            “No, but you are not alive either.” It was an almost animalistic voice, made from grunts and swishes with a few human words. Yet somehow he understood.

            “I don’t understand.”

            “You are in between. You have been touched and killed by another Champion. However, this was done before the rules where set.”

            “Rules?” He shook his head as its blood pounded. “I have no idea what you speak of.”

            “All in good time. But right now I am here to tell you that you now have a choice,” the voice said with the same neutral tone.

            “What are you?”

            “I am the voice and power from before. When you screamed for power and I responded.”

            Kei opened his eyes and removed his hand from his head, looking up. He still wasn’t able to focus completely, but now it didn’t hurt to look. “What’re my choices? Live or die?”

            “No. You will not die now.” The voice resonated through the darkness, shaking Kei to his bones. “You can either go back as before. Being the Chaos Goddess’ champion or you can embrace my power. Can’t you feel the hatred and rage building throughout your body and mind? The brother who killed your family, who will continue to kill them. Rose, Hilda, Kraven, and Zaira. All of them will die as you are now.”

            Kei’s throat tightened as he tried to swallow. Could he really have that power from before? “You haven’t answered my question yet. Who are you?”

            “That is not something that concerns you. However, take my power and everything will be explained.” Kei’s will started to slip. He knew this was not the power he wanted, but was that true? What was wrong with more power? Wasn’t it to save all of them? No, he just wanted to kill Ghunyan. What did it matter what contract of power he made?

            “That’s right, Chaos Champion. All you want is one person dead and then you can die as well. You can also save all those whom you care for.”

            “You’re right. I just need to have one last kill.”

            “Yes, Champion. Just one last.”

            “And then when it’s all over, I can finally die peacefully?” Kei asked.  

            “Yes, you can die in peace,” the voice answered calmly. It was reassuring but not warm. It was never warm.

            Something still sat on the edge of his mind. But whenever he thought he had captured it, the thought slipped away again.

            “Give me that power. Give me the power to kill my brother.”

            Kei opened his eyes to the bloodstained forest. Men he had killed filled the spaces between him and the others. All except for his elder brother, who was leaning over him with a finger on Kei’s head and an astonished expression. No, not astonished. More like fear.

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