Chapter Fourteen

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Lily POV

Marshall and I were on our way to what I hoped was our last doctor's appointment. I didn't just hope it was our last because I just wanted the baby to hurry up and be born already, but because our doctor was such a complete asshole.

Before we got into the cab Marshall had said something that annoyed me and I cried for the ninth time today but it was so stupid that I couldn't even remember what it was. Yet here I was alone in the back seat while Marshall chatted away with the cab driver. He was used to my random outburts by now, I'd been kind of emtional these last few months of the pregnancy.

I didn't like that Marshall was ignoring me so I threw the lid from my bottle of soda at him.

He swivelled around and looked at me,

'Ow, Lil. Why'd you do that?'

'Don't know what you're talking about.'

'Whatever Lilypad.' He flashed me his Marshall smile.

I was in better spirits as we pulled up to the doctors office, I was sort of dreading this meeting with the doctor though. This was just sort of a last minute ultrasound scan to make sure everything was ok.

We walked hand in hand considerably slow as I waddled into the building. The office had a distinct smell of chemicals and old people and it had one of those silences that was only ever broken by a cough or a cell phone ringing.

Marshall and I had played a whispered game of I-Spy while we waited, which got old pretty fast. I was trying to figure out the letter 'W' that I knew for a fact wasn't window because I guessed that four times already, when a nurse finally emerged from that mysterious Nurse Room and called 'Erikson!' then she ducked back into the room.

We made our way to our doctors room and knocked the door. No answer. We knocked again.

I could actually hear him moving around in the room, he even sneezed. He was actually ignoring us, the nerve!

'Dr. Jude...More like Dr. Rude.' I said in an undertone.

Marshall rolled his eyes at my lame joke, 'Good one, Lil.'

'I thought so.'

I was getting frustrated after the third time we knocked, any other doctor we could just assume he was pretty busy and just wait a bit longer, but not this doctor. He was definitely just ignoring us.

After another few minutes of knocking and calling his name and informing him that we had lives too, he swung the door open and regarded us with a groan that he didn't even try to hide.

'Nice to see you too, Doctor.' Marshall commented as he moved aside to let us in. Man, he was a tool.

We sat on the chairs facing his desk as he made his way over to the computer. His office smelled like vodka and sweat.

'So why are you guys here today?'

'The last scan.' I asnwered cooly,

'Ok, and you know your due date is eight days from now? So you may want to get things prepared at home and we'll prepare things here. We done here?'

'Yes, thankfully,' I said with a sigh, trying to get out of this damn chair.

'I have a question actually, Dr. Jude.' Marshall asked quickly, unsmiling.

'Yes, Michael?'

'I'ts Marshall actually, whatever. What happens if you're not there on the day of the birth? Or if you're, ah late?'

'I guarantee, Michael-'


'-That I will be here.'

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