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Being a proper lady had never interested Rosalie. Her mother had been a high-class concubine in the streets of Paris and she wasn't afraid to act differently from the oh-so-perfect London ladies since Rosalie knew that life was quite the opposite. Her upbringing had been unique, to say the least. Her mother and herself living in a Paris apartment in the 9eme arrondissement, close to the Moulin Rouge. Yet, across the waters, she owned a Father married to another woman and bringing up a family of two daughters.

Rosalie was definitely not perfect to society's standards, and so her brain failed to comprehend how her family situation had reached this point. Although her father and mother had been in a surreptitious relationship long enough to bore a child and bring up the question of marriage. Mr. Jameson still managed to marry into a wealthy family increasing his finances, find a wife acceptable by society and keep Marie (across the pond, safely pent-up in an apartment he paid the rent for). Rosalie being a spectator in life, peering into the lives of the rich and feeling the lives of the poorest, always felt stuck in the middle, never understanding the upper-class patriarchal mentality and not being able to agree with the sweeping statements the lower-class made.

Rosalie brought her head down to her knees and breathed deeply. After her mother's quick departure from this world, life hadn't been quite the same. Whilst, her chérie Maman Marie was alive, they lived more than comfortably. Money coming in every 2 months, satisfying their every need. Rosalie and her mother had an easy relationship until the certain age of 16 when her understanding and sense of the world came crashing down and Rosalie learned what their current situation was. She then knew what her mother did to keep them alive. She also knew who her father was and of his second family life in London.

The love for her father decreased and the situation her mother lived in unraveled itself. Until 16, the coming and going of her father was a joyous and heartbreaking occasion. Until that age, Rosalie had loved her father unconditionally as any child. Until that certain age, Rosalie had felt like a normal girl loved by both her parents.

And because of that their relationship was strained and even though Mr. Michael Jameson loved her more than his heart could bear at times because she was half of his soul mate, he couldn't bring himself to try any longer with his beautiful daughter when her eyes grew distant and cold. On her visits, the welcoming smile became a distasteful frown. Micheal felt himself lose his daughter, though she stood right in front of him. Yet, he couldn't do anything about it, because he knew she was right. This brought up deep wounds in his heart that he had cut when he married Kate and left Marie with a 2-year-old child. His wounds self-inflicted by foolish decisions could never heal properly with Rosalie's unforgiving gaze. When Marie died Michael's world came shattering down. His heart ached for the loss, his brain cursed his situation and him

He knew his wife Kate was aware of his infidelities but he couldn't bring back a nearly grown woman and induce her into the harsh society as his daughter. To keep Rosalie close and ask the fates for a chance at forgiveness he made the difficult decision to introduce her as the daughter of his cousin who had died at war a story that fit and brought no questions up.

Rosalie was now under the ward of Lady Kate Fedora and Sir Michael Ralph Jameson. Her new 'sisters' Alyssa Peach and Honey Rose were sweet and perfect like their names suggested. Her father had first taken her to their country home away from the hustle and bustle of London. They were to spend 3 weeks as a family trying to figure out how to present themselves united in the harsh world of the ton in London in the year of 1856. It didn't seem to bother the two perfect girls that they had a half sister. One of them seemed overjoyed, the other didn't have an ounce of emotion shown on her bony structured face.

To Rosalie's shock, Kate the yet- again-perfect wife (that had been chosen over her mother a nagging voice reminded her) didn't bat an eye to the bastard child now living in her house. Rosalie soon realized that she had other things on her minds such as trying to stop the occasional trembles her hands made and the way her eye dropped for one second. Her daughters were too blind to see those alarming first signs of illness and Rosalie started to feel perfection may be an illusion.

The sun was shining brightly that morning and after a light breakfast and a lot of tea and coffee, all Jameson ladies were to go out and collect flowers to decorate their hats with. Rosalie tried not to spit out her mint tea when she had been told their itinerary for the day, surely there was something more useful than to decorate hats with flowers that would die before they could wear the ridiculous accessories.

"Couldn't we do something much more helpful or even useful?" she asked.

Kate smiled at her from across the table and both young innocent girls turned to her in slight shock looking at her like she was wearing odd earrings which would be the fall of her fashion reputation in their eyes.

"How could you say that?" Honey asked,

"We wear the hats after and attract the perfect sort of attention," Alyssa continued.

Rose just sipped her tea a smile playing at her lips. Her father was holding Kate's hand and as much as it hurt her to see him do so, she realized it was due to the fact that her hands were twitching.

"Who knows, your future husband might be impressed with your hat decorating skills and that could ignite the beginning of your courtship, so it is in fact very useful in mapping out your whole future" Alyssa stated proud with her answer, cleaning her mouth with the napkin even though she had hardly eaten.

Rosalie smiled and decided to keep her crude comments to herself. It was obvious the one and twenty and 2 and 20 year old young ladies were only looking forward to marriage as their poor innocent lives knew nothing else.

It was exactly like the first day of her arrival at Ranley Mansion, the questions didn't stop coming in;

"What is your favorite color?"

"How is your hair naturally?"

"The flower you prefer the most."

"What was the biggest jewel you've ever worn?"

"What color palette does your wardrobe consist of?"

"Did you have any man in Paris?"

Rosalie didn't care for such trivial things and although she wanted to reply with intelligent answers she stuck to the constant 'I don't know or I'm not sure'. Kate finally interrupted the spirited interview by raising her hands steadily and instructing her daughters to pick the roses gently of the bush.

"I'm sorry, about my girls, they really are fanatical about the...finer things in life."

Rosalie shrugged, " I don't mind." It was the first time she had been left alone with the wife of her father and she was cautious of how things could turn out.

"I really don't want to beat around the bush, and so I'd like to clear the air by saying I hold no grudges against you or your dead mother," Kate said, sitting on the delicate bench. Rosalie a usual sharp witted girl was stunned by the words and so nodded.

"I guess I should thank you then,"

"No, don't thank me. I'm sure you'll figure out why soon enough." with that Kate told her she would cover for her if she wanted to disappear and spend some time alone.

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