"Hey babe, I'm not going to LA for a while. Try not to miss me too much. Keep in touch."

I had gotten that voice mail all of five minutes ago and kept on pressing the repeat button.

Why did he do this to me? Just as I was falling for him...I was just happy that he cared enough to tell me. It meant I wasn't just some random acquaintance. I was starting to get what I'd dreamed of. Someone to love, who also happened to sing like an angel. In the biggest boy band of the world.

Yup, this was supremely awesome.

Then there was something in the corner of my mind that I couldn't quite figure out. I was starting to fall in love with Niall. For real. But I remembered how at first I seemed to kind of, sort of have a crush on...

Harry. Yes I know, he was with my best friend and I was with Niall. But I couldn't help but look at his cheeky grin. Those curls. 'Em dimples. He was charming...For some strange and unknown reason, I liked that. And him.

Then there was Niall. Blue eyes. Angelic voice. A pretty calm person,who actually laughed at my jokes. You didn't see that often.

Maybe all I had for Harry was lust. I'd always had a lot of crushes, on unlikely people. But I never acted on those crushes. I just let the truth slowly unfold, then life happened, and it wouldn't matter anymore.

That's how things usually worked out.

Until now.


"Y'know, now that I remember, something weird did happen at the party. I can't exactly put my finger on it..."

"Karen tell meee!"

"Ok, okay calm down. Its just that at some point in the night, Harry said he had to go do something. And I don't know, it just seemed a bit suspicious, considering we were having fun. But he returned like 20 minutes after."

"Oh. Well I don't think you have anything to worry about. He likes you. I'm sure." Although in reality, I wasn't. I probably shouldn't mention the butterflies I would get in my stomach just by hearing his name. Definitely not.

Then Niall texted me something that had me wondering...And maybe even worried. *Cue stomach pain*

~So... aha what'd you do while I talked to some people at the party? Since you seem rather shy with strangers.~

~Oh, y'know the usual when I'm left alone. Just sat down and looked miserable. ;) ~

~Really? Liam said he saw you go to one of the huts around the beach...But idk, maybe its just Liam, huh?~

(A/N) Sorry for interrupting but...Daddy Direction strikes again! You go Liam!

~Yeah...Well I gotta go. Bye leprechaun :) ~

Ok, so first of all, why had I gone to a hut? I didn't know anybody aside from the boys and Karen before getting there...What had everyone else been doing? And why had I gone solo to a random beach hut? Had I been alone?

By the third day after the party, my mind was clear. And thinking rationally.

What. Had. I. Done.

(A/N) Sorry for the short chapter...Just building some suspense :)

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