Austins POV

I saw Nicole walk in with Carlos. She was more beautiful in person. The way her eyes glowed & how her beautiful light brown hair covered part of her face. It was just Perfect. She was perfect. But I was confused on why she bought Carlos. She said she didn't like him. Oh well. I needed to start a conversation.

I walked up to her & gave her a hug. She smelled nice. Lol

"Hey! Nice to finally meet you in person Nicole. "

"Nice to meet you too Austin. Its an honor being here. Thank you Austin"

She hugged me & I smiled.

After we let go I noticed Carlos was here.

"Hey what'sup bro?" I asked giving him one of those bro hugs.

"Not much. You?"

"just meeting some amazingly cool beautiful girls." I said winking at Nicole.

I saw her blush. She was so cute when she blushed. OK call me crazy but I just met her like 2 minutes ago & let me tell you I'm falling for her already.

*Nicoles POV*

I talked to Austin longer since his performance isn't until half an hour. He was extremely good looking in person. He was so sweet to me. I can't believe I'm with him right now.

Austins POV

I don't know if its just me but every time I flirt with Nicole Carlos seems Jealous & annoyed. I saw him roll his eyes every time I did. Does he like Nicole? From what Nicole told me he's 23 & dating her mom. I find that weird. I'm her age. I have a chance right? I usually don't fall for girls this quick but with Nicole it was different. There was something about her that attracted me to her. Anyways I need to get to know her better.

"Hey Nicole I'm gonna be in NY for a few days. Would you like to hang out sometime?"

"I would LOVE to hang out with you Austin." She said smiling wide

She was SL cute

"Great. Give me your number & I'll text you later where to meet up"


She was about to put her number in my phone when carlos said something.

"Uhm.. Nicole I don't think its a good idea to give your number out."

"Why not? Its Austin. He's not some rapist who's gonna try to do something." She said

I chuckled.

"Heres my number Austin."

Carlos furiously stood up & ran out of the room. I wonder what's his problem.

"Thank. I'll text you later."

"Okay. I better go see where Carlos went. I'll see you at your performance."

" Okay bye gorgeous!"

She hugged me & of course I hugged her back.

*Carlos' POV*

He was definitely falling for her. You could just see it in his eyes and Nicole had already fallen for him. I was so pissed when she gave him her number. I walked out the room furiously. I walked out ti the car & leaned on it. A few minutes later I saw Nicole come out. She was walking towards me. Great what does she want?

"Carlos?" She called out

I didnt respond.

"Carlos? Why did you run out like that?"

"Why do you care?"

"Carlos because I've seen you upset these past few days & I'm curious & worried about you"

"Sure you are. Go tell your Boyfriend Austin that."

"Austin isn't my boyfriend."

" I see the way you look at him & the way he looks at you. You obviously have feelings for each other."

" Even if we did why do you care?"

I didnt respond.

"CARLOS TALK TO ME!" she yelled

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!" I yelled back at her. I walked away after that.

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