Discovering AnImE lOvEr -Chapter I-

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Discovering AnImE lOvEr -Chapter I-

 Sorry for my bad English at some parts :") 

Well starting this story was tricky, anyways let's start it when I first discovered "AL" (AnImE lOvEr).

This was back around April 2011 summer break. 

I was so bored while surfing around the internet especially facebook, since my favorite anime in that time was K-ON!, I search a fan page of K-ON everywhere in facebook, so obviously I kept liking page even it has only 10 likes. 

So then again I got bored and I said to myself "Why not liking anime pages?"

And it went to mind surfing around facebook; liking anime pages.

The first anime page that I've liked or became a fan of (before; old facebook) was the page of "Tambayan ng mga Anime Addicts II" or in English "Home of the Anime Addicts".

Liking that page; the facebook gave me other page suggestions that I should like too. So I kept on clicking "Become a Fan" (or like; today), and one of those that I've liked was the page of Anime Lover.

After liking bunch of pages, I was bored again and nothing to do.

I kept on refreshing my home page at facebook, when suddenly I've noticed that the page is posting photos every 3-5 minutes!

In those old days the page was really active!

So anyways moving on, I visited the page (**clicks on the blue "AnImE lOvEr" text and redirects me at the page).

The person who was posting every 3-5 minutes was Admin Jason (Jintan Yadomi/Usui 12/Onii-chan).

He was the first admin of the AnImE lOvEr that I've met!

Starting that, I stay tuned on the page and became active as a fan and not yet an admin.

~Back on those days I bet AnImE lOvEr have just only 20k likes!~

As far as I remember, the first time that I visited the page, one of the AL fans posted on the page's wall, and I think "she" was asking for love life help/suggestions.

Since Admin Jason was the only admin that was online, he was the one who entertained the fan who needs help.

I joined their topic about the love life thingy, and got a bit close with Admin Jason (but not really close).

Later on other admins were back online (I bet its Admin Yuki29 and Kasumi/Mia etc.).

They made the page REAL active that it made the page banned from posting photos frequently (They can only post text, videos or link). 

I think facebook consider it as a spam, and it made the admins pissed off.

And this is my time to shine! While the admins are not allowed to post pictures, I was the one who kept on posting photos on their wall without permission; kinda like substituting (my bad hahah).

The page was banned for almost about 3-4 days; it made the page at a real bad position.

Every day I kept on posting photos and I admit that I mostly posted K-ON photos (^_^").

Well let's skip events while AL is banned from posting photos.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Okay! At the 3rd or 4th day the page is now free to post anything,

when this happened Admin Yuki29 said that starting that day, they must control their posting time to avoid being banned again.

And so they did,

While the admins and fans celebrated the day from being free to post . . . .

Sad to say, that I've lost my existence at the page (TAT).

But that's okay for me I know that I'm just a fan, it's like the feeling when you have an idol or crush and he/she doesn't know or notice you. Relate? Give this a thumbs up! (y)

I hope you enjoyed my first chapter! 

And I'm sorry if this chapter was so short - I was in a bit rush (^_^") 


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