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Chapter 1

Her eyes clouded over, like the skies on a stormy night as she took in the sight before her.

Grabbing a knife off the spotless counter she clutched it firmly in her hand, weighing it and testing it. Lifting her arm, she draws the knife back and releases it, thrusting her arm forward. With a thump, the knife lands right where she aimed for.

Checking to make sure her target was dead, she turns and twists her body through the broken window, making sure not to leave any marks on the windowsill. Landing on her feet, she sprints away from the scene, covering her face with a black mask and pulling the hood of her black sweatshirt up over her head.

Leaping over the tall hedge, she continues running until she reaches a black motorcycle. Jamming her foot down she revs the engine, releasing the clutch and zooming away from the mansion.

She speeds along the highway, flitting in between cars and trucks. Another black motorcycle pulls up beside her and she acknowledges it with a nod. Together the zoom through the masses of cars.

The other motorcycle veers off to the left, into an old dirt logging road. She follows, making sure to stay even with the other rider.

She slows to a stop, letting the other rider pass her.

Pulling out a small black cell phone, she types quickly, before accelerating her bike again. Glancing at the screen one last time, she hits the send button.

A beep pulls him out of his stupor. Grabbing his phone, he opens the flashing mail symbol. Two words adorn the screen. Two words that would change his life forever.

He’s dead.

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