Being back here in L.A fucking sucks dick! Apparently these people I call my 'family' don't get that. Do they think I left just to leave, because I didn't. I left because I was fucking sick of being the nobody, the black sheep, the one all alone in the biggest house in L.A. I didn't do this for anyone, but myself.

Saying that is the only proof I'm related to these people, but at least I'm not very dependent on money like them. I guess, I'm starting to learn what being a Kingsworth really means, care for no one, but yourself, money, and your life.

Fuck my life, I'm Kingsworth..

Let's just get to the story.


My mom signed a photo of herself and gave it to Sargent, he was like a different person he was so starstruck it wasn't funny. James had to drag him out of the house when he thought it was time to leave, "They were nice." my mom says watching them pull out of the driveway.

"They're alright, James is to uptight and Sargent Dickhead is just well a dickhead." I say in all honesty.

"That is horrible to say." my mom gasp in shock.

"Whatever, when is my SD coming?" I ask flopping on the couch.

"Your what?" she ask

"My fucking sperm donor." I say rolling my eyes.

"LEEHA JACKLYNN! Don't you dare speak about your father like that!" she yells.

"Some father, then." I say rolling my eyes, now they "care" about poor Leeha, fuck them.

"We are trying to help you." my mom says sitting on the other couch.

"How are you helping me exactly? You just made my probation officer and a sorry excuse for a Sargent kidnap me!" I yell at her.

"We will discuss that when your father gets home." she says before getting up and going up stairs.

"Home sweet fucking home." I mumble to myself when I hear the sound of the front door slamming open.

"Mom are you home?" I hear my brother yell from the front door.

"Yes, just give me a minute." she yells back, before I hear the clicking of her heels coming down the steps.

"Mom! It's so good to see you." he says happily.

"Well at least one of my children is glad to see me." I hear her say.

"What are you talking about?" my brother ask.

"Your sister is home, did your father not tell you?" she ask.

"No, where is she?" he ask with no emotion.

"She should still be in the living room where I left her." she says.

"Okay, I'll be up in my room then." he says before heading up the stairs.

"Everyone is a fucking hypocrite." I mumble, when I hear my phone ring, "You're talking to Lee." I say.

"Where the hell are you?!" Robin yells into the phone.

"In L.A." I say with no emotion.

"Why?" she ask.

"Dickhead and James practically kidnapped me and brought me here." I say.

"When are you coming back? They're having a small party in memory of Chris and you have to come!" she yells.

"I'll see what's going on, when is this supposedly small party?" I ask.

"In a couple days, we need a place to have it after the last small party at my house they are kind of edgy." she whispers.

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