My name, it's so simple. I'm just Faith Morgan, the aspiring author who lives with her best friends in Seattle, Washington.

I'm not anything special.

My parents died when I was young. Well, 19 is still young but you know what I mean. We had lived in a town called Doncaster, England. Yes, I have a British accent. My parents didn't though.

Anna Marie Morgan and Jonathan William Morgan. Anna grew up in the town of Miami, Florida and John had grew up in Seattle, Washington. They fell in love when they were only 15 years old, and got married 3 year later at the age of 18. John had worked for a publishing company and Anna was a award winning novelist. They decided that they wanted to get out of the US and start over somewhere else, so they moved to Doncaster. 9 months after they had moved, I, Faith Morgan, was born.

I wasn't what you called popular. I was bullied in public school because I apparently wasn't pretty. A girl by the name of Hazel Cathers decided that she would stand up in the middle if class and basically humiliate me, and we were only 6 year olds. I ran out of class after she did that and cried for what felt like hours until someone came to me. It was a boy I had seen around school, a year older than me, by the name of Louis Tomlinson. Since that day, we were best friends.

Louis and I were inseparable. We did everything together from that day in 1st grade. He stood up for me whenever I was bullied and I supported him when he said he wanted to become a singer. Then, the day that changed our lives came.

It was May 21st and Louis and I were starring in a school play, I was 13 and he was 14. Louis' parents had recently gotten a divorce but them and his 4 sisters were already there to support him. My parents had to take a 2 hour drive to get here because they were at a meeting.

It was halfway through the play, more towards the end, when Louis and mine's English teacher came onstage with a phone in hand, tears in her eyes. She handed me the phone as I listened to a doctor explain everything to me over the phone.

May 21st was the day my parents were hit by a drunk driver on the way to my play and were killed on impact.

Everything was a blur. I remember dropping to my knees and crying onstage as Louis held me and our English teacher explained everything to everyone. The next few months were a blur.

They were filled with sadness. Louis was by my side all the time though. There was the funeral, the was packing, then there was the flight to Seattle to live with my grandparents. As the day came, Louis and I told each other that we loved one another in a way that I thought would forever be a best friend way.

We lost contact after I moved, but I always held him in my heart. Now, here I am 6 years later, living with my best friends an going to college to follow in my mother's footsteps.

Louis is famous with the band One Direction, and I dream of seeing him again. I write every Saturday night a letter of what happens every week of my life. An I've been doing this for 2 years. I send them to their fan mail address in hopes of him reading them. He never will though, right?

This is my story, this is my life.

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