Death Is Not The End

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Life beyond death--does it exist?  Some people say the stories they hear are fiction, but if they could just meet someone who had died and come back to life, then maybe they could believe.  I am here to tell you that it is real.  I personally got a glimpse of life after death.  I have been there and back.

Eight months after I graduated high school, seven months after my eighteenth birthday, I died.  I was clinically dead for five minutes.

The day I became a believer, my boyfriend and I were babysitting my cousine Japeth.  We were sitting on the couch watching TV; I had this terrible headache all day.  I leaned my head on the back of the couch, and that's when it happened.

I thought I had passed out and was dreaming.  I was standing in a dark tunnel and there was a light at the end.  I had a very clam feeling.  The light was slowly moving closer.  It felt like I was floating towards the light.  As the light was coming closer, I started to see shapes, shapes of people elluminated in light.  I can't explain the way I was feeling.  It was like an unbelievable happiness.  It was so peaceful and serene.  Closer and closer the light was coming.  It was now a doorway lit in the brightest light I had ever seen.  The images were getting clearer as they were getting closer.  I could make out the shapes of the people except for their faces wearing glowing white robes.  The doorway was right in front of me.  As I lifted my foot to step through the doorway it was like time froze and I couldn't move.  The doorway drifted away.  I tried to reach out to grasp, to grasp anything to get closer to the light.  I felt myself floating backward.  Waking up from what was like a dream, a blinding light shone in my eyes and a mask-like thing covered my face.  I was told I had died.  Will, my boyfriend, had given me CPR until the rescue squad arrived.  He save my life and for that I will always be grateful.

I was taken to MDH and after a couple of tests they sent me home.  The doctor said I had pneumonia.  I couldn't see; I had double vision.  I couldn't stand by myself; my equilibrium was off.  After seeing two more doctors, I was ambulanced to Saint Francis Hospital in Peoria, Illinois.  I was diagnosis with a brain aneruism.  All of my family was there.  After twenty-four hours of tests, I was going into surgery.  I really didn't know what was going on because I was on so many drugs.

While I was in surgery, it felt like I was dreaming again.  It felt like I had woken up in the operating room.  The doctors and nurses were all around and no one would talk to me.  The didn't even notice me.  I felt so light like I was floating around the room.  All my senses were sharper in a way.  The room had a pungent odor.  The light were so bright it was almost blinding.  I was moving closer to where the doctors were to see what they were doing.  As I got closer I saw that I was lying on the table.  I noticed that they were giving me CPR.  I heard a beep and felt an intense pain through my body.  It didn't hurt leaving my body, but going back was another story.

Near death experiences are not a new phenomenon.  They have been reported for thousands of years beginning with ancient philosophers, such as the famous Greek philosopher, Plato and ancient texts such as "The Bible" and "The Tibetan Book of the Dead".

Many if not all near death experiences are a connection that exists between here and the hereafter.  Not all experiences are the same.  Some people experienced a sensation of leaving their bodies and floating over them.  They have seen what is happening but were unable to communicate with anyone.  Some people say they have seen their dead loved ones.  Some say they have seen and talked with God.  Most people say that they experienced being in a dark tunnel heading towards a light.  These stories just strengthen that there is something--beyond this plain of existence we are on.

Many people think of death differently.  Some believe in evolution; that when you die that is all there is.  You have no soul and are just a body in a box.  Some believe in reincarnation; when you die, your sould leaves your body and is born again in another body.  Those who believe in religion, believe that there is a heaven and a hell.  When you die, your soul after being judged will spend a peaceful eternity in heaven or the alternative--roasting in hell.  Also, some believe that we are living soullessly in hell right now; when we have earned the right to be in heaven, is when we will go and receive our souls.

I believe that there is "hope".  Hope that there is something beyond this life.  Now that I have had a near death experience, I am a true believer that I will see my family again and that there is something beyond this realm of existence.  What do you believe?

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