Chapter 6

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“Want to play truth?” He asked smiling.

“What’s that?” I asked not knowing what game he was talking about.

“You’ve never played truth?” I shook my head and looked up at his as we walked down the streets the sun setting. “Right then it’s basically truth or dare but without the dare part, you know.”

“Right see now I get it! So you first.” I said turning to him slightly and smiling as we walked.

“Ok um, favorite band?”

“This band R5, they’re so amazing! I’ll have to show them to you sometime. Ok so, favorite thing about being in one direction?”

“I’m getting to do what I love.” He said smiling and this made me smile and I looked at him as we walked. “What?” He asked smiling in amusment when he caught me looking at him.

“Nothing.” I said blushing and averting my gaze.

“Come on. You can tell me.” He said give my hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Well your just so adorable!” I said giggling and he chuckled. “See! That just shows how incredibly dorky I am! Gosh, I really need to work on that!”

“No, it’s cute.” He said then he blushed when he realized what he’d said.

“Right it’s your turn then.”

“Right um, favorite color?”

“Red and white. What movies have you cried at?”

“Finding nemo…” He mumbled and I burst out laughing. He gave me a death stare and I collected myself.

“Sorry. It adorable though!”

“Yeah yeah, right so favorite place?”

“See there’s this beach down the road from my home. When Josh and I were five, we were walking around and Josh found this cave. It was amazing! It looked right out at the water. It became our place. It just made us so happy, because no one but us knew it was there. Not even our mum. It was just us. One of the many secrets we shared. We went there the day he was killed. We had left the house at ten and spent the whole day at the beach, Josh and I just messing in the cave. Then we got in the car and on our way home…we got in the crash. I couldn’t bring myself to go back. But when I found out I’d be leaving home, I knew I had to go. I kept telling myself I shouldn’t but by twelve a.m I couldn’t stand it so I walked myself to the cave. I had my favorite picture of Josh and I. We were at the cave entrance. We’re making funny face and hugging. We were as close as it gets. I took a candle and a towel and when I got there, I lit the candle and lied down on the towel. I stared at the stars and I started to pray to him, hoping he could hear me. I told him about you boys and how I was finally getting to where we wanted to go. That he should be here with me. It doesn’t feel the same you know. He should be here. If anything I should have been the one who died that day. It shouldn’t have been Joshua.” I felt tears sliding down my cheeks and when I said I should have died that day Niall stopped. He pulled me into a hug rubbing my back as I cried.

“Never ever think that. You and I both know you are not the one who should have died that day.” I dried my tears and pulled out of the hug. Niall took my hand and we continued walking.

“I realized something that day. I was given the chance to live my life for someone else. I was given the chance to live my life for Joshua. To do everything we said we’d do. I vowed to myself and Joshua that day that I would do everything we wanted to do. Concur all our fears. Do everything we wanted. I’m still doing that. You know I used to have terrible stage fright. If we were going to perform Josh was the only one who could calm me down. After he died I kept performing, every time forcing myself to get on stage for Joshua. To do what he and I wanted to do for the rest of our lives. We would sing and play instruments at concerts and talent shows. I did other performances by myself too. I was a dancer. I still do it, but after everything happened I stopped competing in dance competitions and doing recitals. I’ve done gymnastics all my life and my whole high school life I was head cheerleader. I was never the typical one though. I was never a bitch, never excluded anyone. It wasn’t me. I never judged, I got to know people. I absolutely hated people who judged without getting to know someone. It made me sick. There were people who did that to me, but mostly I was popular. I’ve always been a straight A student. When I turned fourteen I got a job performing at the coffee shop John worked at after school and on Saturdays. I didn’t get paid a lot but it helped mum out and that’s what my goal was. I knew I needed to be there for mum and I was. Now I just hope she’s ok without me there.”

“You’re amazing Anna.” He said smiling at me. I smiled back and we stopped walking. I tried to keep myself from getting lost in his crystal blue eyes but….damn this boy. UG! Every time I try to keep myself from falling for someone! Jordan made it so hard for me to let my guard down again but in those few seconds getting lost in Niall’s eyes I did. He slowly leaned in and I found myself doing the same and seconds later we were kissing. It was a small and simple kiss but I still got butterflies. I knew I was so screwed because come on! We pulled away and I couldn’t think of anything to say. I need to talk to John. Or maybe even Liam. I feel like I can trust him. “I’ve got to go.” I say turning around and running back to the house despite Niall calling my name over and over again.

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