I wake up to a solemn Harry shaking me awake. He coughs as I blink myself awake, the heat of his hand tingling on my bare and cold shoulder.

"Funeral," he reminds me. I nod and get up and out of bed. I grab my outfit and head into the bathroom, taking a shower.

I get out of the shower and run a brush through my hair. I tie it back in a low bun and throw on my skirt and top. I brush my teeth and step out of the bathroom. Niall shoots me a weird look as he pulls of his t-shirt to change it.

"That's what you're wearing?" he asks me.

"I have a jacket, but I'm not putting it on until my hair dries," I reply. He shrugs and Louis enters the room. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head.

"Um... No. No, no, no. I'm blow drying that hair," he states. I shake my head.

"No, Lou. Let it air dry," I say with a little glare, letting it down and sliding my glasses on.

"No. I'm drying it," he insists. At this point, I decide to let him do whatever he wants to it. I sit in a chair while he blow-dries my hair. "I'm also going with you, okay?" I nod. Hey, that's not a bad idea.

After my hair is dry, Louis pulls it up into a near bun and offers to do my makeup. I refuse and look disgusted.

"I do not wear makeup, Mr. Tomlinson," I inform him. He shrugs and goes to get ready. Liam approaches me and takes my hands in his.

"Can we go with you?" he asks. Immediately, I picture so many situations involving them coming along which also involved complete disasters. I sigh and cast my eyes to the ground. What to choose? I look up and find his dark brown eyes sparkling. Oh, no... the dreaded 'puppy dog pout'...

"Of course," I answer, giving him a small smile. He smiles and kisses my cheek, getting up and going to tell the other boys. I pull my ribbed jacket on during the wait as well as slide my shoes on.

Louis returns in a black dress shirt with suspenders and dark red jeans. His hair is in its usual wacky style.

Liam and Niall appear ready soon after. Liam is in a short sleeved black dress shirt and dark gray pants. Niall is in a gray dress shirt and black pants.

Harry and Zayn are ready as well.

We all get inside a car and Lou drives us to the location of the pre-funeral viewing. We go inside and sign the guestbook.

I glance up and find my step-aunt Heidi, looking beautiful even now. I walk up to her and she pulls me in close to hug her. I soon let go and walk up to the casket, gripping the shiny black exterior tightly.

I stare at his pale and dead face, his lips chapped and beginning to tint blue. He looks so solemn and serious, even in death. My breath hitches as realization dawns on me that's he is gone. I walk past the casket, looking longingly at the face of my loving stepfather.

I hug his mom, dad, stepdad, stepmom, stepsisters, sisters, and brother. I then see my own stepbrother, his son, Noah. I approach him slowly and cautiously. He raises his head and looks into my eyes. He starts toward me and pauses about 2 feet in front of me.

"Noah," I say almost silently.

"Maddy... I didn't want to see you like this," he tells me with a sigh. I nod.

"I know... it's rather unfortunate," I admit. he grunts in agreement before embracing me. I fight the tears threatening to spill as we pull away. I look over and find my younger brother, Donovan, in a complete mess. I rush over to him and hold him close.

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