Megan Morgan: Megan is part tomboy and part scene but a full on badass when she wants to be. She doesn’t like being told what to do or people pushing her around. She has a rather harsh past and never likes to talk about it because she sees it as a weakness. She loves her brother, mom, and dad and hasn’t had much family drama ever since her older sister abandoned her family. So when she meets the schools supposed Bad Boy she doesn't take to kindly to him and think it’s time he’s met someone he can’t control. What she doesn’t know is that he’s not someone to be under estimated and has a shadowy past of his own. Will she fall for him and let him behind her walls by revealing her secret? Or can she out run her horrible past and stay strong?

Ethan Walker: Bayside Academy’s Bad Boy. He’s everything your typical Bad Boy is: Pretends not to be smart, cocky, rude, a player, strong, handsome and the captain of the basketball team. He takes a special liking into the one girl who isn’t looking for attention from him, the newbie Megan Morgan. He is surprised to know that she is actually not interested in him and works harder to make her fall for him. He swears he only wants one thing, her virginity, but is he falling in love with her in the fight to win it? He starts to feel closer to her... a little too close for comfort. Will he end up telling her about his shadowy past?

Sophia Michaels: Sophia is the odd one out at her school and has her own unique style that almost no one seems to understand. She’s a scene girl (gothic). She has had her past with Ethan just like every other girl at the Academy and hates him for it. With her friends Tonia, Emily, and soon to be Megan she is working on bring the Bad Boy down before the end of the year. She seeks revenge for all the heartless things he’s done to all the girls at the school and won’t stop until she gets it.

Tonia Hunter: She is the female rebel of the Academy and is a complete tomboy. She has also had her past with Ethan and he still seems to take a liking to her after two years. After all she is the girl that he dated for the longest time but they all know it was only because of her body. She can’t help it if she was one of the sexiest girls in the school, but at least she didn’t brag. She has been helping her two best friends try to bring the flirt down ever since sophomore year when they broke up. They normally just flirt to get under each other’s skin but does this rebel still have a soft spot for the Bad Boy?

Emily Rose: Cute name right? Wrong. This girl is anything but cute. Sure she’s pretty and may seem innocent but get on her bad side and all hell breaks loose. Ethan didn’t get away unharmed when he double-crossed her. He walked away with a black eye and a broken arm. No one messes with Em. She still wants revenge on the guy for the sake of the rest of the girls he hurt. And when she meets Megan she seems to have more confidence that they'll actually get the job done. Her style is more of a punk rock but her name says otherwise which she hates. Ethan is going down before senior year. When Megan comes around she thinks the girl is getting a little too much attention from Ethan. Is she jealous of the newbie because she has managed to get attention from the Bad Boy which she doesn’t even want?

Adam Tanner: Quiet, cute, and clever. No one really knows much about him except that he and Ethan grew up together and are very close. He is also the only one in the entire school that knows Ethan’s secret. When he starts to get a little too close to Sophia for comfort Ethan doesn’t approve. Will he fall so in love with her that he’s willing to trust her enough to tell her Ethan's secret knowing that she’s Megan best friend? 

Mason Parker: He has known Ethan and Adam ever since junior high but isn’t as close to them as they are to each other. He is slowly getting there though. He is very secretive and no one really knows much about him. But he finds himself liking Megan more and more each day but does he have the guts to tell Ethan or even Adam how he feels knowing how Ethan feeling about her?

Dylan Morgan: Megan's big brother. He cares for his little sister and is very protective of her when it comes to certain things knowing what a horrible past she’s had with their older sister. They never really talk about it much even though they share all secrets and tell each other everything. He also knows one of her other big secrets... she’s a physic. She sees both secrets as a weakness and is very sensitive when it comes to them. When the famous bad boy comes along he will do anything to protect her secrets from getting out. But he notices that she is starting to have feelings for the guy. Will he accept it or try to protect his sister from what he thinks is the biggest mistake of her life?

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