*Jess's P.O.V.*

   I sat down on the ground, and Erin copied me. I know that it is going to take a while to tell them my story, so I might as well get comfy. I lean my back up against a tree, and take a deep breath- unsure of where to start with my story. I already told them that my family and I were special. Do I tell them how special or let them figure it out for themselves?

   I look up at each of them indivdually, making sure to make eye contact, "Yes, my family and I are special. You might not know how special right now, but I plan on telling you all at some time. Right now I just want to let you all know some of the basics that come with being my friend or just anyone that is sort of close to me.

   You can't tell anyone about me, other than obvious things. People may not know that my parents are the leaders of our world, or that I am going to be the next queen. That is all secret, and will stay a secret. Also, people cannot know that I have alpha blood in me at all. If you guys haven't already figured out, I turned into that white wolf when I was mad the other day. I'm not completely happy with what I did, but what is done, is done."

   I pause so they can take it all in, and when I look up, I see shock in all of their eyes. Oh yeah, I just told them that soon, I am going to be their leader. Once I find my mate, that is. I feel bad about lying to them, but it was the only way.

   "I know that this is probably a shock to all of you, but it is the truth. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you guys earlier, but that just wasn't an option. Now that mostly everything is out in the open, do you three have any questions for me?" That was probably the stupidest thing for me to do.

   The next thing I know, I am getting bombarded with quesitons, "Woah, woah, woah. One at a time. My brain can only take so much."

   Chance is the first to speak, and from the looks on my other friend's faces, I'm guessing he order them to wait until after he asked his questions to speak. "Why are you capable of changing colors in wolf form?" Is his first question.

   "My all black wolf, is me. It's my natural color and when you see me like that, you can know that I have total control. My all white wolf is my alpha side. I call it my alter-ego. It is probably smart for you to stay away from me when I am in that mode."

   "How are we going to be able to tell you apart from other white wolves?" Someone obviously hasn't met my very large white wolf alter-ego.

   "If my size doesn't give it away, my always changing eyes will. They are always two different colors, but the colors that they are is always changing. Don't ask me why, 'cuz I honestly have no clue."

   "Do your parents know where you are?" Stupid boy, if they knew where I was, I would probably be back at the palace in chains right now.

   "Obviously not, or else they would have my head. My different skills help me in staying away from their constant trackers. I am always about three steps in front of them." I smile at this, I am probably the only one that is capable of doing what I do, and my parents have absolutely no idea.

   "What are these 'skills' of yours?" Chance asks, putting air quotes on skills.

   "If you knew any better, you would not piss me off right now, boy. I possess more skills and abilities than you could over dream of, and I don't even have all of the ones I will oneday have. But here is what I am able to do right now. I can mask my scent, change my scent into any other wolf's, change into two different wolves. I am able to focus on the wolves that are tracking me, and go in the opposite direstion of them. As long as I keep that up, they will never be able to find me." I take a breath, and glare at Chance.

   "You can do all that?!" he asks, a little surprised.

   "Yes, and once I work on developing my gift more, I will be able to lots of other things, too."

   "Like what?" If I knew, I don't think I would be this vague about it.

   "I'm not completely sure. I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it."

   "Then how do you know that you are going to be able to do more things in the future?" I sigh and attempt to explain the feelings I have been getting.

   "When I first became able to do what I do now, I had this weird feeling. I don't know how to explain the feeling, but it was strong, and definitely made itself known. To answer your question, I am able to know that I will be getting more 'powers' because I have been experiencing the same feeling lately."

  "How do you know that the feeling isn't trying to tell you that you are gonna lose your powers?" He asks rudley, so i go up and slap him, "What the fuck was that for?!"

   "You seems to have already forgotten who you are talking to, and now that you know who I am, I don't have to hold back, and you have to be more respectful. That goes for all of you. Even if you are like angry at me, you need to watch what you say. I have to let it pass with others, but it is no longer acceptable from you guys anymore." I state stenly and look them all in the eyes.

   "Fine." Chance agrees, and I smile.

   "Anyone else have any questions?" I ask for another time. Hopefully Chance is done talking for a little while.

   "I have one." Erin says shyly.

   "Yes Erin?" I ask, trying to make sure she feels like she has a right to talk.

   "Are you going to be leaving anytime soon?" I feel bad that that is the only question she has for me.

   "I don't wanna leave until I know that I absolutely have to. If my parents send people here again, I will most definitely have to leave. if I do leave, I need you to promise me something. All three of you." I wait until I have their approval to continue, and then continue, "When or if they come, you can not let them know that I was here. No matter what."

   "Don't worry, Jess, we won't. You mean so much to all of us that we would never want to do anything to intentionally hurt you."

   "Thank you Erin. You have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that. A huge weight was just lifted off my shoulders." I smile at all three of them before grabbing Erin and pulling her into a giant bear hug. This earns me a growl from Beck, but I just role my eyes at that. He has nothing on me.

   "I have to get going guys, I will probably be back at the house tomorrow sometime. Thanks for listening to me." I say my goodbyes and then turn to walk further into the woods, heading towards 'my' cave. I'm just glad they took it so well.


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