We’ll take care of you. We’ll love you forever.

We’ll take away the pain,

We’ll take away the sorrows.

We’ll take away the horrors,

And love you as if there was no tomorrow.

A whimper of pain.

Liam can’t honestly remember how long it has been.

Another strike.

They would have stopped by now. But Liam knew this punishment would be a lot longer, more painful. Because what he did was unforgivable.

His master stopped the two guys whipping him, and he thought that it was over, until his master himself walked up to him, taking one of the whips along the way.

Liam sobbed, then closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to come.


There was a time when everything was normal.

He was an average person. Normal family, normal grades, usual personality. He was happy that way. He’s got his parents, his sisters, his friends.

But it was shredded away when the beings of the night became daring, and showed themselves to the public eye.

Liam’s family was one of the first victims. They were attacked during the day, (apparently, vampires found a solution on how to not burn under the sun) they attacked Nicola and Ruth first. His sisters were outside during that time, tending to the flowers in the garden. They were having fun, without a care in the world. Not knowing that danger was surrounding them.

It was Nicola who noticed first. She gasped as she saw the dark figure behind Ruth, she made a move to grab her, but she never did.

Because sharp teeth pierced her neck, and drained her dry.

The same happened to Ruth.

Karen was the one to be attacked next. She was in the kitchen, preparing lunch for the family, when one of their attackers reached out for her neck and snapped it. She fell to the floor, dead.

Geoff was the last one. He was in the den, watching a football game, completely oblivious to the things around him, for he was already half-drunk. Two men attacked him. One pulling out his arms from their socket. The other his legs.

He bled to death, his son’s name falling out of his lips.

Liam was lucky because he wasn’t killed. (Depends. What hell would be better, this one? Or the other?) He was in his room then, napping. When a person entered his room, shaking him awake.

With blurry eyes, he looked around. But there was no one. He made a move to lie down again when someone wrapped an arm around his waist, the person sniffing his neck.

He never heard what the person was saying because moments later, fangs were buried on his necks, sucking blood out of him.


A scream tore at his throat.

Too much blood was being taken. More than his body was accustomed to. He tried pushing his master away. But he was much to weak, and he was human, for him to push the man (if he was even one, but Liam doubt it. He was monster. All of them were) away.

He thought this was it. That they were letting him free. Letting him die and escape this hell hole, when the man pulled away, just before Liam was drained completely dry.

His master tsk‘d, stood up, kicked him, then walked out of the room.

Liam cried. Why can’t they just let him go.

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