Harrys p.o.v

"OMG i cant believe im right on front of THE harry styles!!!! EEEEKKK"

" Well believe it beautiful" (WINK)

3.....2....1.. well there goes another fainting fan, and there goes the security gaurd takeing her away. Well rigth now im at a autograph sighning with the boys in New York. I love performing infront of are fans and performing with the boys. But sometimes its hard being in a huge British band, cause every where i go i get chased by mobs of girls. Dont get me wrong, it is flattering. But im scared that i might get hurt or the lads but espicially that our fans get hurt becuase of us. I just wish that one day i get to see one special girl at a autograph sighning or at a concert, and that special girl will be..... Elizabeth. But its impossible cause shes just a girl i made-up in my dreams........ or is she?

* snap, snap* " Earth to harry"

" What do you want Louis?"

" Are you thinking about Elizabeth?"

"What! NO!! How do know about her?"

" Dude, i sleep with you most of the time. Becides you keep on saying her name while your sleeping. By the way, Pay attention to the autograph sighning! Right after this you HAVE to tell me about her?"

" Fine but you CAN'T tell the rest of the lads"

" I already. told the boys about her........ sorry Hazza."

" What!! Y!"

" Boys Pay attention to what your suppose to be doing!" Liam said seriously.

" Sorry daddy?" me and Louis said at the same time.

Liam just smiled sheepishly and sang silently " Harry and Elizabeth sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!"

"Real mature Liam and we all thought you were the mature one on the band" while blushing like an idiot. 

"Whatever you say Lover boy. And Louis is right, when where done here you have to tell us about Elizabeth." after that Liam got back to autographing fans merchandises, Louis is makeing the fans lough, zayn is texting his girlfriend perrie under the table, while of course niall is eating some cookies that a fan made for us....... he better save some. What will the lads say about Elizabeth is just being a made-up girl from my dreams? Will they lough? While I'm here autograph sighning, my Elizabeth is waiting for me.......... in my dreams. Lovely day so far, just lovely!

------------------------------------------------------Darcey P.O.V------------------------------------------------------------

I need to calm down. But how if a friggin person is following me!!!!! O.M.G im literally going to pass out in the middle of the rode. I looked at my rear mirror to try to see who is following me. The follower has brown short hair....... those little curls looks familier...... o.m.g im so stupid!! its not just a random follower its Tashaes boyfriend!! Thank god, i was so close to have a panic attack. Sam is probably following me cause he's probably going to see tashae, so he's takeing the same road as me.

I rolled down my drivers window and stucked my head out while being careful while driveing my car. When Sam saw my head out of the car window he did the same  thing.

"You should'nt be sticking your head out like that while your driveing you know" sam said with a hint of a smirk.

" Well then why are you sticking your head out like mine then?" i said back.

"Cause....... never mind.... are you going to tashae's house too?"

"Yeah and i guess your going too." i asked. He just nodded then got his head back inside his car, i did the same and payed attention to the road again. Tashae's house got in view. The closer i got to her house the more i got anxiouse and worried i got, cause today is the day i HAVE too tell her about my flashback, "Seth", the meaning of the note and most importantly try to find out who and where is my luces........... But first i have to get Sam out of her house as soon as possible with out acting wierd.

I finally parked infront of her house. The second i got out of the car, Sam parked his car next to mine.

"Great! I'm here. Wish me luck" i said sarcasticlly

" Luck for what darcy?' Sam said curiously.

"Nevermind Sam."


Okay im ready to tell tashae...... i think. After i thought of that, Tashae opened her front door looking happy as always. You can see that Tashae really love Sam just by looking at her eyes. She had a HUGE crush on him since 7th grade, she kept on bragging about how much she liked him. Before school ended that year Sam asked her out. Since then Tashae and Sam were togother, and of course happy with each other company. Her relationship is just like mine and Mike's, happy and full of love..... but sometimes in my flashbacks i feel like i love luces more then mike.... i have no idea why?

"Darcey, hello....... are you listening to me?" Tashe said while looking worried.

"oh, sorry i was thinking about something."

" You know what i want to tell you?" She said while smileing like a cashire cat.

"No what?" i asked

" Where haveing a double date with you and mike! I can't wait!!!!" she said while giving Sam a peck in the lips.

"Really? Cool!" i said with no bit of happiness in it.

" what's wrong Darcey?" I have to tell her sooner or later, i decide now.

"Sam can u leave me and Tashae alone for a sec, Thanks." Tashae looked at me worriedly. "Tashae, i wanted to tell you sooner but i thought that you were going to lough. This might sound wierd but Anyway i keep on getting dreams about a girl name Elizabeth and a guy name Luces. In the dreams there both in Love, the problem is that Elizabeth looks just like me....... and i dont know if that suppose to mean something. This morning i found a note saying that the dreams are actually Flashbacks from Elizabeth past lives. And that I'm suppose to be the Elizabeth from the past but in the present time. If thats true then there suppose to be  a luces but a present time not the past time version of him. The mystery note was written by a guy who spys on me name Seth, he also told me i need to find who is luces and where is he. I need your help Tashae can you help me......?"  

Tashae just kept calm and took in everything i said........ the finally she said......" so your soulmate is somewhere out there and you dont know who it is?  And you need my help......"   I just nodded like an idiot. " fine i help...... how long had you had these flashbacks Darcey?"   I thought about it " About 5 years  ago.... so i was like 11 at the time when i started to have those flashbacks."

"I cant believe my friend has a previouse life!!!! you know what that means?"

"no what does it mean?" i asked curiouse

" My  Best  friend is REINCARNATED!!!!!"

What does Tahsae mean?

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