Chapter Twelve

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Alright guys, so I am SO thankful for all of the wonderful comments and votes, it's awesome. On this coming chapter, it's going to be pretty intense. Just warning you... 

Chapter Twelve

It had been five days since we got back from out trip, things had been perfect, besides the fact Harry and I had to stay far apart in public. He had started getting more tattoo's on his arms, driving the fans insane what they could all possibly mean- and it was exciting, seeing as a lot of our fans were catching on to the fact he was outing himself slowly through the tattoos. 

Eleanor actually had a fanbase going, which was absolutely mind boggling to me- she really did nothing inspirational. I was fully dreading going to Leeds with her tomorrow, and even more dreading telling Harry, but we had to keep management happy, I was too afraid to have even more limitations put on us. 

I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel, sitting rigidly in heavy evening traffic on Friday. I wriggled in my seat to some chipper tune on the radio, looking over at cherry red BMW that was idling next to me, a middle aged woman staring keenly at me, a confused look on her face. I flashed her a grin, waving at her, and she just shook her head, mumbling something under her breath, before pulling away with the fluxiation of traffic. 

That was weird.. I shrugged it off, weaving through traffic, finally pulling down the drive, a few fans and news reporters standing before the gate, excitedly lunging at the my car as they saw me. I clicked open the gate, eyeing them as they rushed at my car, knocking on the windows. I was in a particualry good mood, so I rolled down the window, poking my head out, while still slowly driving downt the drive. The people jogged to keep up, shoving recorders in my face. 

"Louis! Louis what are you and Eleanor going to do?!"

"How are you taking it?" Voices exclaimed at me, and I could say that I was perfectly confused. I furrowed my brow, tilting my head. I had just went out to go get more tea, what the hell could have happened in that time? 

"Uhm, sorry, but I have no clue what you're talking about." I said gruffly, gunning the engine and closing the gate on the people, pulling up to the house. I would like to think that what the people had said wasn't bothering me, but instantly, I felt my pulse throbbing eratically in my veins. I sat in the car for a few moments, breathing in deeply, closing my eyes, waiting for my heart to slow. 

What could they have possibly meant? What are you and Eleanor going to do? What the hell was that supposed to mean? I felt nauseated suddenly, grabbing my box of tea bags, taking a gulp of water from a bottle at hand, before stepping out of the car, the distant yells of the paparazzi sending my heart rate back up, before I pushed into the front door, leaning my back against it, sighing out, before shuffling into the kitchen. I dropped my keys and the tea box on the island, looking around the room for Harry. 

"Hazza?" I called out, pushing the hair out of my face, before walking out into the hall, nearly slamming into him. "Oh there you a-" I was interrupted by looking at how incredidbly rigid he was. He was trembling, looming over me with a stark and hurt look on his face, his eyes were dark, not Harry's eyes. I stared at him, wheeling back, when he suddenly slapped my clean across the face. I shrieked, bending down, letting out a quick breath, holding my burning cheek. I looked up at him in shock.

"Harry?! What was that for?" I bleated, backing up, my heart ramming in my chest and I pressed myself up against the wall. The vein in his neck throbbed erratically, a muscle in his jaw twitched, his nostrils flared. 

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