Nessy's birthday

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Bella's pov

"Alice sit down your not waking her up" I told Alice as I watched her pace around the living room. "Come on Bella I can't wait" Alice cried. "Nessy was up late with my Dad and Billy let her sleep in, It's her birthday and she will get up when she wants" I snapped. "She is the only real person in this house who understand how great birthdays are Bella so she would not want to sleep her birthday away" Alice said looking at me. "It's only 8:30 in the morning she is hardly sleeping her birthday away just relax, she will get up soon" I said walked over and sat on Edward's lap. "Your not very nice" she called over to me. "I don't have to be nice Alice I just have to keep you out of my daughters room" I replied. She pouted and sat on Jasper's lap. "Fine have it your way then" she said with a sad face.

I love Alice she is my favorite sister but she can be a hand full at times. "Do you think Charlie, Billy and the boys will be getting up soon" Alice asked us. "I don't know but they were all up late so there's no telling" I told her. My Dad, Billy, Embry, Quil and Seth who are all wolves from Jakes pack came to stay with us for Nessy's birthday. I am not sure why Sue did not come with Dad they live together and are getting married soon. I was surprised when Dad said she was not coming with him.

We all heard Nessy's feet hit the floor at the same time, Alice made a ran for it I yelled to her "Don't even think about it". There is no way she is saying happy birthday to Nessy before me. "Your mean Bella" she said then stuck her tongue out at me. I kissed her and ran up the steps. I knocked on Nessy's door and then walked in. "Happy birthday baby" I said. "Thanks Mom" Nessy said smiling at me. I pulled her up on my lap and and gave her a small box. She opened it and screamed "Oh My God Mom they are beautiful". I got her a pair of diamond pink earrings. "I love them Mom, thank you" Nessy said looking into the box. "Your welcome baby" I replied hugging her. She hugged me around my neck. A second later Alice came in the room "Happy birthday Nessy" she said. "Thanks Aunt Alice" Nessy replied. Edward and Dad came in next "Happy birthday sweetheart" they both said at the same time. Nessy's laughed and gave Edward a hug and kiss then gave Dad a hug. Esme and Carlisle came in and said "Happy birthday" to her she went over and gave them each a hug. Carlisle pulled out a box and gave it to her she opened it and screamed

"The necklace to match my earrings". Esme handed her a box she opened it. "Grandma the bracelet I have the whole set. "Thank you I love it" Nessy said with a big smile. Esme told her it was my idea she gave me a hug and said "thanks". She sat on her bed looking down at the boxes. Rosalie and Emmett came in the room and said "Happy birthday" to her Rosalie gave her a box she opened it. It had the ring in it. "Mom she got me the ring to the set. Wow I love them."

They all gave her a kiss and left her room so she could get dress. Only me and Alice stayed with her Alice gave her 2 boxes she opened the first one it was a pink sleeveless dress that would fit nice on her body, she opened the next box in it was a pair of very nice pink and white heels. "Thank you Aunt Alice I love them I will wear it for my party" she said giving her a hug. She walked to the bathroom and told us she was going to get in the shower. After she left the room I asked Alice "Alice could that dress could get any sexier" she look at me and said "Yes its on your bed it's what your wearing to the party later". I heard my husband laughing from downstairs. Nessy's got out of the shower and put on some sweat pants and a tee shirt. "Nessy you know I love you but you are your mothers daughter"

"Yes I am and proud of it Aunt Alice" Nessy replied. We both laughed and walked out the door. I sat on Edwards lap and Nessy sat on main. She giggled "Daddy are we heavy". "No sweetie not at all" He stood up holding us both in his arms. Jake walked in and called him a "show off".

Jake smiled and wished Nessy a "Happy birthday". I knew she wanted to give him a hug so I yelled at him to catch her. He looked at me then her and shook his head. Before Edward could say no I tossed Nessy to him, he caught her she laughed and said "nice toss Mom".

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