Part 5

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Louis Pov.

"Ok Niall listen. Please kindly behave around Riley, I think she's a keeper." I explained to Niall while packing a picnic basket. He stared longingly at all the little snacks I was packing: oreos, cheetos, chips, etc. 

"I don't see why I have to come, though," Niall complained, making a face. I rolled me eyes. 

"Oh silly Nialler. Harry and Zayn are getting more tattoos, and Liam is with Danielle. Meaning, I'm stuck with ya. Paul specifically told me to not leave you alone, he hates having to do more grocery shopping than he already does." 

Niall stuck out his tongue. "Fine. I just feel like I'm intruding." 

I smiled, and closed the basket up. "Don't worry. She's a lot different from other girls. And she'll like you."

 I had decided I wanted Riley. I wanted to run my  fingers through her beautiful hair. I wanted to kiss her sweet lips. I wanted to cuddle with her forever. But I knew she wouldn't be open for me to do that just yet. 

Which is why I invited her on a picnic. 

Granted, I didn't think Niall would have to come a long, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew Riley and Niall would get on great. 

We drove over to the address she texted me this morning, and I rang the doorbell. Riley opened it, looking stunning. She was wearing simple blue overalls and a striped pink shirt, with her hair straight. 

She shoved me. "Take a picture, it lasts longer." 

I grinned. "This way, m'lady." We walked back to the car, and she slid in the front seat.

"Hi, I'm Niall," Niall piped up from the back of the car. She jumped, not realizing there was someone else with us. I laughed.

"Oh hi, I'm Riley. Why are you here?" 

"I'm not trusted home alone with food. Its because I'm Irish." 

She laughed her beautiful laugh. "Well, I'm glad I've met you. I like your accent."

Thankfully we got to the park before anything else could happen between the two. The last thing I wanted was for Riley to end up liking Niall.

We all piled out of the car and I looked around for the perfect spot. I saw Riley walking towards a tree, and followed her. "Where are you going?" I asked once I caught up with her.

"The perfect picnic spot, duh." She smirked and grabbed the blanket I was holding. She and Niall layed it down and got comfy, Riley leaning against the tree and Niall laying on his back. 

I nodded. "Good pick! Alright, I have ham and cheese, turkey, and peanut butter with jelly incase you're a vegetarian. Although that would suck because I like bacon. And I brought water and crips and other snacks, so I think we're good." 

Riley smiled. "Bacon is the best. I'll have the ham and cheese, please." 

I tossed her the sandwich, grinning. I liked a girl who liked bacon. You can't go wrong with the bacon. I plopped down next to her, opening up my own turkey sandwich. 

"Aw come on guys! Why do  I have to  be stuck with the peanut butter and jelly?" Niall whined. I rolled my eyes and Riley looked over at him.

"You can have this one, if you want. I like peanut butter too.." She said quietly, holding out her sandwich.

I snatched it up. "No, you have this. Niall, just eat the sandwhich, theres plenty of snacks." I humphed and started eating.

After a few minutes of silence and eating, Riley crawled over to the picnic basket. "So what else did you bring me?" She questioned, beginning to dig through the many snacks I packed.

"Nothing, its all for me!" I shouted, lunging for Riley.  She shreiked and tried to move, but she wasn't quick enough. I landed right on top of her.. Oops 

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