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----At Nandos-----

Niall's POV

After we ordered our food me and Liam just stood there in awkward silence me looking at the floor while Liam just looked at me waiting for me to say something until he got tired of waiting and finally asked "You never did answer my question, Niall" "What question?" I told him even though I knew exactly what he meant "Do you want to be my boyfriend? You said you'd tell me once we got here" I didn't know how to respond I mean I thought I loved him but It just felt wrong when he asked me out "Liam I can't be your boyfriend I'm sorry" I told him biting my lip waiting to see how he reacted "Is it because of Zayn?" I sighed "Yeah" "But your relationship is only a contract! I could be your real boyfriend Niall! A real one not one based on money" "I just can't Liam" "Why? Is it the debt? I can help you out if you want with it I'll get another part time job and you can come live with me and Nana" Liam is so sweet but I can't.."Liam! Please just leave it I signed the contract now I have to face the consequences"

"But Nialler" He said his eyes pleading me to listen but I couldn't my family's happiness depended on this contract "Look Liam I have to leave or else Zayn will get mad at me and add more to the debt can we please talk about this some other time?" I asked him avoiding any eye contact  "Okay Niall but I swear I'm going to make you my boyfriend" I just nodded and walked back to Zayn's house, How could I have said no to the guy I loved? But it didn't feel right when he asked me it felt like I should be with someone else not him but that's probably just my imagination...

"I'm back master...I mean zayn" Since when did I get used to calling him master? I was only his slave for a few days oh well never mind "Niall were'd you go?" Zayn..."No where" I lied "Tell me or else" "Or else what?" He didn't say anything he just walked towards me pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. It was completely different than the kiss from Liam and especially different than the one from before. This one actually had feelings but I had to stop him "Zayn" I breathed "Yeah Niall" he spoke on my lips "Stop" "Not until you tell me where you went" And with that he pressed his lips on mine again and continued to kiss me not even letting me stop for air, this boy was going to kill me with a kiss "Nandos" I said finally making him stop kissing me for a sec and giving me a look of confusion "With who?" He asked "No one" He didn't believe me why did I have to be a terrible liar?! "Tell me" "I already told you no one" He pressed his lips on mine more forceful than before nonstop for who knows how long but I think I actually saw the light before I finally told zayn "Liam" I gasped for air my face returning to it's normal color

"You went with him!" He screamed "What did he want?! You better tell me or else I won't let you breath until you turn purple and can barely breath" Knowing him he would definitely do that "He asked me to be his boyfriend" I said barely audible but he still heard "He did what! He is so going to pay!" He screamed furious "No! Don't I said no" "You did?" "Yeah" He just scratched his head "I guess I'll let him off this time but if he ever tries anything on you ever again he is dead, Now go change we're leaving in a minute" "Why? Were are we going?" "Just go get dressed I'll tell you on the way I already left your clothes on the bed now hurry we're going to be late" "Okay?" I said before I ran to my room and looked at the clothes he laid out it was another suit but this one was different it had a little design on the collar but it was too small for me to make out but I didn't bother about it I had to get ready before he screams at me again

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