I woke up that morning deciding to put everything that had happened last night to the back of my head. I reported to the Library early, just to avoid Natalie.

Just as he said, he was parked right outside the Library, I was about to step toward him when a voice stopped me. We were just outside the Library doors.


I turned. Lisa “Good afternoon, Lisa, I was just heading out”

She nodded, “I see. TJ’s grown, you know?”

I smiled, “I’m glad. I hope he’s okay”

“He turns two next month”

I frowned, confused “Wasn’t he just born?”


“Then why – That’s impossible”

“A lot of things are impossible, Jaymes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen”

She knew something. Our eyes locked a moment longer, before she made her way past me and into the Library. Gathering a breath, I walked towards the car. Opened the driver’s side and of course, Kael was there. A grin plastered loosely on his lips

“Wrong door, darling” he said

“I won’t take the fact that I am being driven somewhere and I don’t even know where the place is. I need to recognize the roads, to know where I -” can find you again “will go next time”

He stood up, “That hurts my male pride” he joked

“Suck it up,” I smiled, meaning it to be taken only lightly “now move”

He tilted my chin up, his lips immediately claiming my own, “Just this once, I’ll let you take control”

“That sentence won’t ever be fulfilled” I replied, smugly

He gave me a once over, before walking towards the passengers door. His instructions towards Ashley Lake were precise, easy to follow and quick. I memorized the road easily.

“What Lisa said was true, but don’t let those words get into your head, please?” Kael spoke, the moment I cut the engine. I parked in front of trees, further into the woods, to keep my car from being seen from the road.

Damn it, I was just beginning to forget those words! I bit my lip. Kael clicked my seatbelt loose and immediately my side of the door was yanked open and I followed, being crushed into Violet’s chest.

“I am so happy you know already!” she exclaimed, caging me in her arms

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