"Ow, close those curtains!"

"Skylar! It's 1 pm. We both slept at the same time. Now wake up, its such a beautiful Sunday morning."

"Karen, did you get laid or something? You've never been Mrs.Sunshine."

"Well, close to that. And I'd ask you the same, you were all over Niall last night..."

"Oh God. Please tell me I wasn't that bad. I only had a few drinks..." I lied. Maybe just a bit.

"...What if I...Gosh I don't even want to know what I did to him," I said, my voice starting to tremble.

"That's probably why you've never drank before. You got a bit crazy. Life of the party. Completely unlike yourself. But I'm sure you didn't do anything bad."

"So you saw all of this before mysteriously disappearing with Harry?" I said with a smug look on my face. Now awake, but with a headache. A huge one. Its a good thing I'd told my mom I was sleeping over at Karen's beforehand.

Sitting our arses in front of the TV, we talked and talked. Deciding today was going to be a PJ day. That's the great thing about Karen, she was a good listener. And I trusted her enough to tell her anything.

Then we both got texts from the boys:

Niall to me: That was one of the best nights of me life. Lets do it again some time, ye?

That text was dripping of an Irish accent.

Harry to Karen: Cars are awesome...Last night was fun...

Harry, of course, was a man of wise words.

Now I just had to remember what I'd done last night...I remember talking to Niall a lot. Drinking. A bit of dancing...I had quite possibly told him he was cute...I really hoped it hadn't come out the wrong way. That I was desperate and all...

I really wasn't sure. But if it was one of the funnest nights of his life, I must've done something right.

And Karen looked pretty happy.

She ended up telling me that they talked for a while, then made out for a few minutes.

Wow. They worked fast.

Haha. I'd never do that. At least sober. Right?


I could've easily asked Niall what we'd done. But what if he didn't remember either? Or if it was so embarrassing he wouldn't he wouldn't even want to tell me?

Or what if he'd thought I was only flirting with him because I was downright wasted?

Ehhh...I needed to stop thinking about this. I was getting too paranoid.

(A/N) Hhehe remember that Jo Bros. song? I'm paranoid... I had to.

Just breathe. I probably hadn't done anything bad. I was just overreacting.

But why did I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach? Aside from the fact that I had to take a dump.

(A/N) Sorry for interupting, but have any of you noticed that in books, movies, and TV people seem to never poop. Yet they look amazing and everything...

Everything's alright. Whatever I did, Niall didn't hate me, so it must've not been too bad.

Everything's good. I kept on repeating this the rest of the day in my head. While keeping a fake smile on my face. And pretending to listen to Karen. What kind of friend was I?

Everything was perfectly fine.

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