"Evelyn! Get up!" Called Adam from behind the door. Who closed it in the first place?

"Can't. I'm busy."

"Doing what?" Adam asked, but I was certain that he knew what was coming.

"Sleeping." I could tell that he was rolling his eyes. He knocked on the door incessantly for a couple minutes before giving up and trudging downstairs. If it were Emma, she would have opened the door, grabbed my ankles, and yanked me off the bed.

A couple minutes later, someone else walked in to the room. Not even bothering to open my eyes, I pressed my face to the pillow. The bed intruder (hehe, get it? Hide yo' kids, hide yo' husbands...) jumped on to the mattress and sat there. I lightly kneed them in the stomach. How lovely am I? The BI grabbed my face and tilted it so that I would be looking at the ceiling, if I had conceded to opening my eyes.

Suddenly, I felt someone's lips against mine. That woke me up. The simple interaction filled me with energy and made my heart swell. Woah. Woah. Did I really just admit to that? When he pulled away, I almost grabbed him. I wasn't quite done yet. But I just smiled warmly up at Phil. What a way to wake up. Screw Folger's!

I was still confused as to whether or not I loved him. It seemed like such a powerful word that I felt intimidated by it, yet it also seemed so fitting. The words "like" or "infatuated" seemed so small and meaningless, but love? I marked my feelings for him as TBD.

Sighing, I got up and walked downstairs. Luckily, everyone was still in pajamas, so I didn't feel so lazy. 

"Good morning." Jonathan greeted with a smirk.

"I need food." I replied. I was very tolerant in the morning, huh?

I started rifling through the cabinets and before I found anything.

"Uh, I'm cooking!" said Jonathan. He was standing in front of the stove stirring something.

"Since when can you cook? Didn't you burn cereal once?" Said Sasha.

"How do you burn cereal?" Phil asked.

"With magic." Jonathan said indifferently. Ok then..

Looking in the pan, I saw that his eggs had nothing but egg. I went to the fridge, found some shredded cheese, and poured a bunch of it in the pan.

"I don't like cheese!" Cried Emma.

"Then you can starve." I replied. Jonathan shooed me away, but not before I could sneak some bacon in to the mix.

Sitting at the table, I saw that I wasn't the only one that was forced awake. Ryan looked about ready to pass out, and Katie was curled up in a ball on the kitchen chair.

"Where's your mom?" I turned to Phil.

"Getting ready. She's coming with us to the beach." I pressed my lips together and nodded.

An hour later, we were all ready and piling in to cars. I drove my car, with Phil in the passenger seat (after arguing with Emma, who sat in the backseat next to Jonathan.).

"Could you two stop making goo-goo eyes at each other?" Jonathan asked after my third glance at Philip. I was still trying to determine my feelings for him. I guess he was looking at me too.

The ghosts of his lips were lingering on mine, and I resisted the urge to pull him in for a kiss, but I was driving. It took all of my willpower, though.

When we got to the beach, I peeled off my tee shirt and sat it on my towel. After spraying on some sun screen, I ran to the shore and walked in to the lukewarm water. There were a ton of people at the beach, which didn't surprise me, because it was Spring Break. There were people falling on their faces because they tried to skim-board and miserably failed.

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