**Louis’ POV**

When I come out of the bathroom, I’m still smiling like an idiot. Emma was jealous. Of that tramp. Ha, I don’t know what she needs to be jealous of. But the way she shut her down was priceless. I’ve never seen Emma act like that when I talked to any other girls…Should it mean something?

My thoughts are interrupted, however, and my smile immediately turns to a frown when I see our booth. Emma’s sitting down, laughing hysterically at something the waiter just said. I watch as she hits his arm, just as she does with me, and bats those long eyelashes. Da fuck? How long have I been in the bathroom? The waiter leans down and whispers something in Emma’s ear, causing her to erupt in loud laughter again. I sink my teeth into my bottom lip to stop myself from running over there and punching off the guy’s cheeky little smile.

They’re both laughing when I reach the booth, but I’m not. I’m pretty sure that if I bit my lip any harder, someone would have to take me to the hospital to reattach it to my face. Neither of them have noticed my entrance, being too wrapped up in each other, so I clear my throat obnoxiously.

Emma glances up at me and smiles brightly, and I can feel my facial feature soften the slightest bit. "Hey, Lou, this is Niall. He’s our waiter.” She says, still giggling. “Niall” turns to me happily and sticks out his hand.

“Hey mate, nice to meet you.” He grins and I shake his hand, a bitter smile on my face.

“Yeah, hey, I’ll have a coffee.” I tell him blankly, then take my seat across from Emma. She looks at me in shock and I furrow my eyebrows. What? She said he was our waiter, right? I look at the poor bloke and he hesitantly nods his head.

“Uh, yeah, sure thing.” He replies and walks off to the kitchen. I smile to myself and almost forget that Emma is still here, but her fierce gaze reminds me otherwise.

“What?” I ask plainly.

Her mouth forms a perfect ‘O’ shape and then closes. “Louis, that was so rude. He was just trying to be nice!” She hisses at me, leaning across the table so nobody can hear us.

“Yeah, well he should’ve been trying to take our orders instead of flirting shamelessly with you.” I wince after the words leave my mouth, hearing the sharpness in my voice and I already regret saying anything. Emma’s eyes widen and she leans back on the booth. She crosses one arm over her stomach and rests the other one above it, biting her thumb and avoiding my gaze. I sigh. She only does this when she’s really pissed.

“Em, don’t do that.” I say quietly. Now she glares at me. Shit, this is bad.

“Do what, Lou? Act like you aren’t being a complete asshole right now? Seriously, what’s wrong with you?” I close my eyes and run a hand through my hair. Of course I can’t tell her that seeing her with that guy made me want to pound my fist into his skull, so I say nothing. Instead, I stand up and grab my jacket from the corner of the booth. Before I even think about what I’m doing, I turn around and walk out of the diner, slamming the door behind me.

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