"Wha-what" Saylar woke up in  a white room that she didn't recognise in a bed with white covers and pillow she was freezing she must have been warm in her clothes? but she moved around and feel its soft scratchy texture she felt nothing she looked under the covers she was naked!!!

she herd a groan next to her she slowly looked over and screamed waking the male figure up "what!?" he groaned "who are you" Saylar demanded "uh the guy you made love to last night and for the record you should have shaved your legs" he said "what!?"

"uh ya you must have been drunk.. hi I'm Jayce" "uhh hi Jayce what do you mean by drunk and made love?" "well you were drunk and we hooked up and had sex which was not that bad" he lead over and started to make out with her and she pushed him away "STOP!!!"

he fell back "fine whatever" "look Jayce" she said very flatly "did you use protection?" "what are we in the second grade he smiled wickedly and began making out with her neck she didn't even care anymore her life was over her parents and friends would hate her josh would hate her she was only 16!!! she didn't want a kid and this loser would probaly leave her to take care of the kid oh god what if she was pregnant!? a tear fell from her eye Jayce smiled "oh don't worry having a child doesn't hurt that bad" and he continued to kiss her neck

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