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A doctor swiftly walked into the waiting room where America, England, and Rory sat. They had been waiting for over at least five hours impatiently and worriedly, even America who had just met the man but something seemed familiar about him. He just couldn't put his finger on it. Once the doctor entered the room all three of them swiftly stood up.

"There is good news and bad news." The doctor stated, England was the first to speak."The good news first, please."

"He's alive-," everyone exhaled a deep breath unaware that they were holding it, "alive but...barely."

Rory's head snapped up, "What do you mean?" He leaned closer to the doctor with a predatory aura, "My wife was just killed by that man and if you dont save him so I can kill him myself then we have a problem here."

Both England and America noticed that the doctor was absolutely terrified and was about to flee any second, that could not happen. England placed his hand's on Rory's shoulders in an attempt to calm him down while America stood in between Rory and the terrified doctor. His strength could easily keep those two apart.

"How barely?" England asked once then tension started to die down a little.

"He's in...a coma."

A coma? This was bad, this was very very bad. Rory and England glanced at each other, shock mixed in with most of their feelings. America, even though he was not yet informed of the fact that that man was "The Doctor" felt a pang of guilt and shock as well. Rory's anger subsided and one fact settled in. The universe was helpless. None of them though spotted the green light in America's pocket flash over and over again until is soon turned into a deep shade of orange and slowly power down.


America sat, all alone in his chair. He was still in the hospital and even though England and Rory had both retired for the night he had stayed and he didn't know why. Was it something to do with the strange dream he had last night? Was it because he felt guilt for the man but after what Rory, that's what England said his name was, said about him killing his wife America didn't know what to believe anymore. He shut his eyes for a quick moment, flash backing to that very detailed dream.

last night~

America tossed and turned in his bed, sleep was being very dificult for him tonight. Horrid flashes went by in his mind and he couldnt stop them cause they just kept coming.

~You are The Doctor~

Fields of blood red grass stretched beyond the horizon

~Protector of time~

Blood, lots of blood being spilt on a battlefield

~Traveler of space~

Flashes of color through a shifting hole

~Keeper of the TARDIS~

An explosion and the death of a companion

~Holder of immortality~

A dying planet

~Bringer of peace~

Thousands of mechanic balls sweep down onto the earth

~And death~

A blonde haired man falling into a bright light

~You are The Doctor~

A orange haired little girl


Yellow light suddenly fills his vision.


His eyes flew up and America jumped out of his seat. Everything was so real, it really creeped him out, more then Russia and that was bad. He fished into his pocket and pulled out the weird strange contraption. The man had asked him to keep it safe, but why? How could that man he just met in a couple of seconds know that he had this with him, it was as if he recognized it before? America sat back in the chair and examined the machine.

'Some kind of...laser or screwdriver?' he thought.

Shrugging America placed it back in his pocket, maybe he could get Japan to take a look at it since he was the most techy nation out there. Silence carried on for about a minute more and America deemed that he had waited enough, time to go home. He sighed and got up not wanting to leave the man alone in this creepy hospital. Hospitals were evil! Walking over to the door America was just about to exit the building when but stopped when he suddenly heard a loud banging sound and screams following after, America immediately got into action. He pulled his gun out of the secret holster in his jacket and ran down the halls to the source of the noise.

Suddenly silence. Nothing but silence as America slowed down his pace and lightly jogged so that his footsteps were not heard. But sadly, they were. A loud, inhuman like scream was heard and a monster about the size of Russia (not the nation, the person) lept out of the shadows and tackled America to the ground, making a gash in his shoulder by the monster's claws. He didn't have time to take a full view of it and he rolled backwards and fired a couple of shots, the monster dodged a few but it was not that lucky. Covered in blood it swiped at America with it's giant claws and got him right in the chest. He gasped in pain but jumped back as it swiped again. Now he could see what he was fighting as the monster stopped for a second to regain it's breath. IT WAS HUGE! Forget about Russia, this thing could topple that guy any time.

The creature looked like a green, HUGE, lizard that was covered in purple blood. It's claws were a solid black color and the ends gleamed, sharp as razor knives. The monster's eye's were a blood red color that sent chills in America's spine as it peered down on him. Taking his chance America delivered a full roundhouse kick to the monster's face and it reared back, letting out a loud shrill scream. Purple blood flowed from the side of it's head as it prepared to attack again, but America was ready. He grabbed an extra gun and as the monster lunged at him he jumped up over it and shot it right in the head, as he landed on the ground the monster slumped over, limp and dead. America was breathing heavy now but his mind was on other things.

'Was there more?'

He waited for more shrill screams of the other monsters but silence once again filled the hospital. America placed the guns back in their holders and walked down the halls to the man's room. It was official, he would be keeping an eye out for him and the others in the hospital for the rest of the night. America entered the room and plopped down into a chair, he was EXHAUSTED! Those things sure packed a punch. His eye's drifted over to the man he saved earlier, the comment he said when America found him rang in his head.

"I cant go to a hospital, they wouldn't know what to do with me."

It didn't make any sense though! What had he meant? America sighed, this was going to be one hell of a night and he drifted off to a light sleep.


As America fell asleep, soft laughter could be heard outside of the hospital. A man covered in the shadows watched the blonde haired boy close his eyes, oh the boy was surly oblivious. That could come in handy.

Purple eye's stared from the shadows and to the window while a mouth containing white teeth smiled. Yes, yes his plan was going quite smoothly, even if the doctor had put part of himself in another and the monster sent to kill the doctor had died those were minor set backs. The man backed away into the darkness, eyes still locked onto the hospital window.

Revenge was going to be so sweet!



Ok so this chapter is longer then the rest and I hope it answers a few questions. This story is supposed to be kinda mystery so there is going to be some confusing parts in it so BE PREPARED!


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