Drac needs help!

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Drac ordered his staff to keep quiet. Of course they knew what was going on, but the wrath of the Count was not worth the risk. His fear however, was that his beloved daughter might see him like that. Drac is trying his best to calm down, but the image of me in my bikini didn't help him at all. Aroused, more inappropriate images come to his mind.

Mavis arranged a search party in the meantime.

Everyone got into small groups and take one area of the hotel, which Mavis gives out. Her eyes faced me after everyone had their orders, "N/A, you and I check for my dad's special places."

"What places?"

She counted it with her fingers, "The library, the art room, sauna, music room and bedroom."

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go!"

We hope that Drac is alright. His daughter was even more worried than I.

Her eyes turned sad, "I hope Drac is not going back into his shell."

"I didn't know that vampires can turn to turtles" I smiled weakly.

She knew what I tried to do, returning the favor, "I am not in the mood for jokes N/A."


After my lame joke, we arrived at the library. We doubt that he might be in there, since the werewolf puppies are tearing the place apart. Mavi and I watched with wide eyes, as the pieces of paper were falling down like snow.

"Mavi, are the witches capable of restoring the books?"

She shrugged, "I don't know, but one thing is sure. If Dad finds out about this, the puppies become his new carpet for the lobby."

I leaned to one of the knight, whispering in his direction, "Would you please tell Wanda and Wayne about their pups' location?" He saluted quickly, running down the corridor.

"Where is he going N/A?"

I grinned, "Saving the new carpet."

Next off was the art room. Inside was a skeleton couple, while one as the nude model and the other the painter. We had to get passed them heading to the opposite door. While passing his sketch of his wife, I gave him a thumbs up, "nice sketch, you really hit the curves well."

Speaking of curves, the next destination was my greatest nightmare.

"N/A, could you go inside?"

"EH?!" I faced the sign that says 'sauna', "Why me?!"

Instead of an answer, she pushed me inside. Now I knew why...it was the male area. I swallowed hard, as Drac's father came into my side, "Oh no not him."

"N/A, darling!"

Crap, he saw me!

With a towel around his waist, he placed an arm around me, "I know you couldn't resist me."

"Sorry Vlad, but I am looking for your other half."

"I am here N/A!"

I couldn't believe it!

"Jonny, you are supposed to help us find Drac!!!!" Instead, he was also in a towel, drinking a smoothie. He has a strange way to search for someone. How would he manage when Dennis would get lost? Dragging him out by his ear, I went passed Vlad, "Sorry, but WE got to go."

Mavis was pleased to see me come out. Once her eyes saw Jonny her smiled dropped.

Her face said it all, "Mavi, please discuss this later."

She nodded, "Believe me I will." Her eyes darkened at her husband, "Jonny, you come with me!" She gave me the last option, to wait at her dad's bedroom. If he is there, she assumes that he won't let her in. After the music room, she gets the spare key from the lobby. I should go ahead, knocking on his door.

On the other side jumped the sound at the sound, "Who is it?!"

"Drac, it's me. Are you alright?"


He didn't convince me though, "Why didn't you come back down?"

"I had a problem" he said, quickly.

I hate it to talk to a door, "And if you don't open up this instant, you get another one!"


"If you don't do it Drac, Mavis will open it for you."

"What?!" This must have got him. He also knows how she can do this. Slowly, I could hear him come closer to the door.

"Is she here?" he asked through a gap.


All of a sudden, his hand grabbed my arm and pulled me in. While he closed the door quickly, I turned around, asking what was going on.

"I...need your help."

The count feels humiliated, as I stared at him.

"N/A please!"

"Sorry." He begged me to help him out, before his daughter sees him like that. Fear got worse, as Jonny's voice could be heard in the corridor.

"N/A we need something quick!"

"I got it!" with sparkly eyes, he smiled at that. It dropped the moment I pushed him into the shower, still dressed, "I already had a shower."

"Not a cold one" I said, turning on the shower head.

Outside, Mavis and Jonny could hear the vampire scream out, "COOOOLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Worried she opened the door, seeing me near the shower, "Found him Mavis!"

"How is he?"

What can I say? "Eh...he was tired and ...eh...had trouble to get up. I told him that a cold shower can do the trick."

She seems to believe my story, leaving the room. I stopped her quickly, "Didn't you forget something?" Mavis didn't understand, until I pointed at Jonny. With an evil grin, she pulled him by the ear back to her room. One thing was sure; Jonny was definitely louder than Drac, waking everyone up.

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