Group Therapy #1

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Hello, my name is Cassie.

(Hi, Cassie.)

I'm diagnosed bipolar,
Type 1.
And last night I drove down to the cove
And contemplated
Jumping in.

(Why, Cassie?)

No reason or rhyme, this time,
That's the thing
With me.
I don't really want to die but I
Just want everything to

(Stop what, Cassie?)

I don't know, everything?
Debt and bills, illness and pills,
Gas and check engine lights,
Boyfriends and too much too fast.
It's all a little much and such.

(You handle it well, Cassie.)

Do I really?
How do you know?
Maybe I'm depressed and you can't even tell
Unless I told you

(Are you, Cassie?)

No, I'm manic and that's worse
Bulletproof impulses,
Too much energy and no sleep,
All the energy to do what I want
Like jump in the dark
Of the cove.

(Thanks for sharing, Cassie.)

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