Chapter 1

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Lilly's POV

When I wake up from a peaceful sleep, I find myself in an familiar place. For me it doesn't seem surprising after partying with my friend Crystal. Such a party animal she is. For a werewolf, she was more wild then most in the pack when it came to parties.

For me I was like a little sister to all the guys in our pack. When ever they found me at the parties drunk they would take me back to there house and let me share there beds. Most of the girls got pissed because they think we did stuff.

Girls only see that I guess when someone is over at a guys house all night. I'm still a virgin. Never had sex with a guy yet. No one believes me except Crystal. She finds me curled up on guys bed after they take me to there house then leave me to sleep.

All the guys were like my older brother Von. They were kind to me. Kind of helps when my dad is the alpha and would kill any man who touched me any other way then they do. I think he ordered all the guys to treat me as a sister or my brother did.

I turn slowly to see who's room it is as my headache started. The guys blond hair was in his face but I could tell it was my brothers soon to be beta Kevin. He had his arms around my waist lightly. My movement must have waked him as he shakes his hair out of his face.

A big smile appears on his lips. "Morning Princess."

I laughed as I turn over where my body faced him. "Morning."

He patted my head as if I was a little kid. "You had a bit to much again."

I snuggled up close to him. "Can't help it."

A chuckle vibrates his chest that my head now laid against. He sits up taking me with him. A knock sounds at the door getting my attention. The door opens to show Von. He smiles when he sees I'm awake and safe.

He looks at Kevin. "Thanks for watching her."

Kevin laughs as he stands up to stretch. "No problem. She entertaining drunk, talking like she knows what she talking about for a little girl."

I hate when they say that. I'm what one or two years younger. "She is smart when she isn't drunk."

A growl came from me making the guys jump. "I'm right here you two."

They both started laughing. My brother picks me up off of Kevin's bed. "You know you like it when we talk about you."

I just glare at him. He puts me down so I'm standing in front of him. I'm pretty short compared to him, but I'm the tallest girl in the pack. Yes most of the girls are short. Most of the other girls have slept with most of the guys in town.

Sad to know my brother likes it. It not easy to find mates now a days. Most mates are from different packs and right now that's a bad thing since all the packs are at war. All the packs are fighting over who has a special wolf.

Yes I'm talking about one wolf to make peace with all the packs. No one knows who it is. Who ever it is will be looked at with greatness. Only thing they know about the wolf is that they have white fur. Which isn't common among the werewolves.

I push my brother and walk down the stairs to the front door. When I get outside I find myself walking in to our never ending woods. I shift and start running towards my favorite hiding spot. A small clearing with a little stream comes into view.

The smell of the fresh water hit my nose as I got closer. When I look into the water a see a wolf staring back at me. Her fur was white, while her eyes are a dark blue. I wish I was the wolf that would end this but I'm nothing special.

I lay on the ground and lay my head on my paws. This is the only place I can be in my wolf form. I close my eyes as I listen to the steam flow by. My body relaxed enough to letting me drift off the sleep peacefully.

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