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The next interview is from lilly-rain, author of She's One of The Boys and Never Be The Same Again.

About the Author

1. I can be a little crazy and weird at times. I seriously have the worse memory in the history of all time - I'm shocking. I am the worse speller when texting people, 8/10 times they get fed up with trying to de-code what I'm saying and just ring me. I have 3 younger sisters and we have a ninja war going on for about 2 years straight now....I'd like to say I am winning, but I'm one of the most oblivious ppl out there, so never notice them sneaking up on me. I have two little brats who take after me in so many ways - which is never good, but damn are they awesome entertainment at times. My mini best friends.

2. I'm both, I love writing, but I also love getting lost in a good story.

3. It's alright, I make up stories all the time about random imagination does get a little crazy and farfetched at times.

4. Browsing the net one day for a site of some kind to read stories and stumbled across the Wattpad link, clicked it and I've been here ever since

5. Realistically, no, I don't have the time to take it further, but as a dream job, I would love to make it as a career.

About the Stories

1. One idea came from listening to music, it gave me the brief idea of a small scene and I managed to create an entire story from that. Other times, ideas just come to me...they always start with just a small scene or a certain character that I want to write, and I develop them.

2. Not for this year, I don't have enough free time to get anything finished in time, but maybe next year I will.

3. Damn, that's such a hard one. I love them all for different reasons...I would have to say Eva Thorn though, she is just so crazy and out there, but has a mature side she hides until she needs to step up to the plate - basically she just enjoys life.

4. No doubt Eva; everyone keeps saying they think she's based off me, but she's not...well, maybe a little bit.

Behind the Desk

1. Years ago, back when I was in school and doing English class...that's when I found my love for writing and I've written stories on and off since then.

2. Life in general, then there is the amazing feeling you get when you have created characters and their own little world and brought it to life on paper.

3. I get writers block all the time, I have a stressful life and a lot of the times it turns my mind to mush - I usually just go do something else, take my mind of everything and clear my head. I listen to music, watch TV, clean or start writing something different that is usually just ramblings.

4. Stick to your guns! Just keep on writing, even if no one is reading it, just keep on pushing forward. Write for the love of it and not the votes/comments, because it will show through in your work if you do and good luck with it all! =)

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