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Once upon a time, Henry, the cow, mooed his way to Harcous (HAR-cuss), leaving pigs crying, listening to Henries' moos, but then, Aliens took him, using their blue rays, ray gun and light sabors, however, the crying pigs, carrying loaded machine guns, came along, red eyed and oinking, but the Aliens said "We come in peace," so henry returned, mooing sad songs, while pigs cheered no longer crying but smiling instea, they all live in peace, until the zombie donkeys, working for the Illuminati, took over, causing the pigs, Henry the cow, and the Aliens to go bananas, attracting monkeys, who like banana Aliens, they used them, however, to make the zombie donkeys slip on them killing htem as they fell, hitting their heads on the ground. 

The End :3

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