Chapter Two

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''I had just moved to another town, and I was happy because a friend if mine, Linda was moving to the same one too. I was glad that I would have someone I know with me first day at school.'' she started, and I nodded in agreement.

''Turns out I was wrong. Her only aim in this new town was to become one of the popular group. Frankly that was far from my aim. I knew we weren't going to be sticking around for long, so why bother? She got to know some of the guys and started to flirt with them all, in hope of becoming one of them. Sadly, she succeeded. She even started dating Mike, who's like, their leader or something. I had made new friends of course by the time she drifted away from me'' she stopped to take a sip of her soda, and I did the same. I was listening to her in all intrest because I really really wanted to know her story, and she seemed a bit uncomfortable unfolding her story. To me she seemed as if it was her first time to tell anyone about it.

I took the chance of her stopping to ask a question. ''Megan, how old were you then? It's a stupid question I'm aware, but I just wanna know.''

''I was starting grade 7 when we first moved there, but ironically we stayed for over 2 years.''

''Oh, Okay. Go on.''

''Linda didn't completly cut her friendship with me when she started dating Mike, she still hung out with me sometimes after school, so i practically knew all of their relationship's details. I knew that she actually liked him, not only dating him for fun. I also knew that he, on the other hand didn't. But I didn't tell her, not to be mean or anything like that, but because I knew that she wouldn't believe me, and i really didn't wanna fight with her.

''They started dating just one month before finals, so they had the whole summer to go out on dates and stuff. The next year, he had two classes with me, English and French. He was sitting in the chair next to me, but even though I wasn't his greatest fan I had to admit that he was hot, like really hot.'' she smiled a little when i started giggling.

''what are you laughing at?'' she asked

''It's just that your eyes had a sprinkle in them when you said that he is hot.'' she playfully hit me on my arm, and i exploded with laughter.

''Moving on. Obviously after sometime we started to talk, and i got to know him a bit better. Turns out he wasn't that bad after all and I was actually starting to like him a little. So one day I went to the toilet to come back and find that the teacher had erased everything that she had written on the board. I cursed under my breath and then turned to him to ask for his copybook to complete what I missed from him. He gave it to me gladly with a strange smirk on his face. I took the copybook wondering about the reason behind his smirk. That night he sent me a msg on msn saying that he found it amusing that i curse. By the time I read that I had forgotten all about his earlier smirk, but I remembered then and it made sense. He had heard my curse and that's why he smirked. His msg made me laugh and put a smile on my face till I fell asleep.

''A couple of days later I had a skirt on that went a little above my knees. I guess that caught his attention because from that night on we started to chat everynight for at least an hour. We flirted occasionly but only slightly. I always made sure to remind him that he was dating my friend when the flirtation starts to get heavy. After a few weeks he admitted that she was starting to bore him out, and that he was only still with her out of pitty. I told him that it's rather pitiful of him to be doing so. Guess what did he do the following day?''

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