Chapter 3

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I bolted upright, eyes flying open and earbuds falling onto the pillow beside me, I must’ve fallen asleep. I checked the time and got out of bed, my alarm would go off soon anyways. I grabbed a towel, stripped, and walked into my bathroom. I turned the shower on and picked out my clothes while the water heated up. When it was warm, I got in, showered, dried off, and got dressed, plugging in my straightener as I got my shoes and socks on. I put on some eyeliner and mascara, then straightened my hair, grabbed my bag, iPod, and phone and ran out of the house.

It was 6:45 when I left for school, it usually takes about an hour to walk to school from my house, and there isn’t a bus I can take either. I was at the end of my street when a rusted, red, dump-of-a-car pulled up next to me and rolled down the window. “Hey Oli, need a ride somewhere?” Ronnie called out. I smiled at him, “No thanks, I’m fine.” “You sure? Where you heading?” I stared blankly ahead of me as I answered, “School.” He stopped the car and the joking tone dropped out of his voice, “Get in.” I ignored him and just kept walking. He sped up so he was next to me again.

“I’m not going to let you WALK all the way to the high school, it’s all the way across town, now GET IN.” I shook my head, “I can’t take your offer, getting homework help was one thing, having you go out of your way to take me somewhere I can walk to just as easily is another thing, and one I refuse to let you do.” He sighed, “Fine. Walk. I don’t give a fuck. See you later.” Ronnie gave me a half wave before driving off.

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