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(A couple days later and all the girls at Tide's house)

(Tide P.O.V)

I think I'll fill the girls in on what happened with me and Prod. Now is the time for all of us to spill what happened on our dates! Even though they weren't officially dates... not yet I hope.

Tide: So you guys wanna know what happened?

Everyone: "Well duh!"

Tide: "Okay okay! We didn't do much. He just took me to his house, and we talked and chilled"

Marie: "Ooh, did yall do anything else?"

Tide: "NO! I just told him more about me, he complimented me, and he kissed me on the cheek"

Niki: "Aww that is so sweet"

Tide: "Haha thanks now tell us what happened with you!:"

Natalie: "Yes please do"

Niki: "Ight, so, we just went to get ice cream and then we went back to my house"

Marie: "Come on now! You gotta give us more than that!"

Niki: "Sheesh! Oh and he met Mel, ugh she was crazy"

Natalie: "Aww it couldnt have been that bad"

Niki: "She was saying he was my boyfriend! Thank goodness she didnt tell me parents"

Marie: "Oh true, that couldve gotten ugly. But NATALIE! Spill the beans"

Natalie: "Ew don't say that"

Marie: "Haha fine, but go on!"

Natalie: "Ok so he came over, we played video games, we talked, he teased me and yeah thats it!"

Tide: "Oooh, what you mean he teased you?"

Natalie: "He brushed his lips across my cheek but never kissed me"

Niki: "The struggle!"

Natalie: "Exactly! But now that we've all went, it's Marie's turn!"

Marie: "Do I have to?"

Everyone: "YES!"

Marie: "FINE. So we had went to his house and we chilled up in his room. He had the neastest room too! So we were talking and we were watching tv when I wanted to be a tease so I sang Papi Chulo  to him and you could see in his face what it was doing to him"

Natalie: "Wooo! Get it mama!"

Marie: "Lmao then we kissed and then it was late so he dropped me home"

Niki: "Awww!"

Tide: "Sounds like we all had fun tho!"

Niki: "Yaaasss" 

I was just about to respond to Niki when my phone went off. I looked at it and see it was Prod. 

[Text convo] 

[Shickennn] Hey you busy?

[TideCrippen;)] Actually yea, i got my friends over why?

[Shickennn] Ohhh i wantd to hang

[TideCrippen;)] Oh sorry ! Maybe 2morrow

[Shickennn] Ight cool

[End of text convo]

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