Chapter 16 Nico

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After she woke up for the morning, Jess seemed distracted. We had left her alone after trying and failing to wake her for sentry duty. I wished I knew why she was so distracted, but I was also afraid to ask her. Jess went to check the traps, and brought back seven Rabbits. Three went to each of the dragons, and the last one Jess cooked up for breakfast. She cooked the Rabbit perfectly. Once we were done eating, Jess asked to talk to me in private. I followed her out into the woods till she felt we were far enough away.

"We won't find them for at least nine months."

"What do you mean?" I asked, and she explained her dream to me.

"And at the end, we were walking towards them, and I was carrying a baby in my arms. Due to the feeling I had yesterday, the child could only be ours. I haven't had any boyfriends before to have a child with."

"What feeling?"

"While we were in my tent looking at the eggs, I was very aware of your presence. So aware, that I had to get out of that small enclosed area to get away from the feeling of want. I promised a long time ago that I'd wait."

"I'm sure you misunderstood something in the dream. Maybe you didn't see something right, or maybe it was a warning of what not to do."

"Maybe. We can't tell Percy about the dream. I don't want to get his hopes up then risk having to crush those hopes."

"All right, well at least we know where to find them."

"Yeah, but we can't go anywhere till Gem and Dæmon are six days old. I sent the Pegasuses away, well all except Blackie. I realized what the prophecy meant when I found out about their rapid growth."

"Okay. Do you feel like going swimming?"

"Yeah, did you find a lake or pond nearby or something?"

"I did while I was setting out the traps. I'll show it to you."

I lead her even farther from our little camp, but it was worth it. Although, I was surprised when she started taking off her clothes.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"I want to feel the water all over me. Plus I haven't bathed since Sunday night, and it's Wednesday. I feel dirty and disgusting. I plan to let myself get wet."

Her idea was a good one, so I turned around till I heard a nice resounding splash, then I followed suit. We were splashing around in the water for a while when she suddenly disappeared underneath. I looked around for her, then suddenly someone was hugging me from behind. I squirmed to get a better view of who it was, and then I was face to face with Jessica. I want to say I was a good boy, and pulled away, but the longing look in her eyes just melted me. We kissed deep and true, and I found some things I never thought I knew. My feelings began mirroring the look in her eyes till I couldn't take it anymore.

After our "swim" Jess and I laid back on the pond's shore still in the same manner as we "swam". I rolled over and looked at her. There was so much more to her figure than those baggy clothes, and even the tighter ones, would show. She had an hour glass figure to her sides, but her stomach stuck out just a little. She was just beautiful no matter what.

"What are you thinking?" she asked sweetly.

"How beautiful you are." I replied honestly.

"I'm not beautiful. I'm not even pretty."

"You don't see yourself the way I do."

Jess blushed, "Thanks, but I know that the only part of me worth looking at is my chest."

"That's not true," I said as I wrapped her in a hug.

"Thanks," she cried into my shoulder. "I've been told by boys for so long that I was only worth trying for because of my chest. Well not so much told, as heard them talking behind my back, and it hurt to hear them say such things."

"Well those boys don't know what they're missing out on. I think we're dried enough, and Percy is probably getting worried."

"Yes, I was."


"Percy," Jess said. "This isn't what you think. Nico and I were just washing up, then laid out to dry. It's so warm out, that I didn't feel like forcing myself to dry through my powers."

"Uh, huh," he shook his head, and headed back to camp.

"Oh, gods!" Jess stated almost like she was yelling at herself.

We quickly dressed, and walked back to camp checking the traps along the way. I guessed it was getting close to six, so we quickened our pace. When we got back, Percy was in his tent. I quickly fed Dæmon, and offered to talk to Percy while Jess cooked dinner.

Percy spoke as soon as I entered the tent, "I thought you were a good friend, and were going to tell me when your feelings for my sister reached that level."

"I'm sorry. I didn't really realize it till we kissed while swimming."

"She's my little sister, Nico! You should have waited!"

"You didn't even know she existed till two days ago! Now she's here leading a quest to find YOUR wife, and she wanted what happened to happen! I've known her longer! Yes, it may only be a week longer, but it's longer! I love her, Percy! Isn't that enough for you to understand!?"

He looked at me in awe. I didn't even realize what I was feeling exactly, but suddenly I put it all out in the open. All the anger I felt at him for having hunted us down and finding us laying out by the pond hugging.

"I'm sorry to have doubted your feelings for her. I didn't realize how strong they were," Percy sheepishly replied to my tirade.

"It's okay, you were well within your right. Weather or not you were correct doesn't matter," I said exiting the tent.

"So, have you worked things out with him?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Good, because dinner's ready."

We ate in silence. I couldn't help but stare at Jess the entire time remembering the way I had seen her just a little bit ago. The rabbit was well cooked just like this morning. Everything would have been fine except I could tell something was up with Jess. I couldn't see it in the physical sense, but more like intuition.

"I need to consult Shay'nan," Jess finally said breaking the silence.

Percy and I nodded, as she climbed into her tent.

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