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Valery’s POV

I looked over a Jinxxiee and raised an eyebrow questioningly.  She nodded, and I smiled.  We crept closer to the living room, slowly and silently.  Escence looked up and saw us.  I quickly raised a finger to my lips and she just smiled and went back to talking to the guys. Luckily they didn’t notice.  Rusty was lying at her feet and he picked his head up and wagged his tail.  Fuck!  He was gonna give us away.

“I think I’m gonna take a break and take Rusty for a walk.”  Escence said quickly.  I almost started laughing, but managed not to.  She was getting Rusty out of there so he wouldn’t give us away, and was also removing herself from the soon-to-be war zone.  All without giving us away.  Dahvie just nodded and continued talking to Jayy and Texas.  They were talking about the next tour, and I should probably be helping them, but I’d much rather do this than work.    We get right behind them and I look to Jinxxiee once more.  She smiles and I start silently counting down, mouthing each number.  When I got to ‘one’ we both started screaming our heads off and pouring baby-powder all over them, running around the couch in circles.  We each had three containers of the stuff.  All three of them jumped about a foot in the air and screamed.  Then they stood up and started chasing us.  All five of us were laughing our heads off.  I ran into a bathroom and got more powder, throwing it on Jayy just as he reached me.  I ran past him as he tried to dodge the white cloud.

“Val!”  I heard Jinxxiee cry.  I saw that Dahvie and Texas had managed to catch her and were pouring their own containers of powder on her.  I laughed and ran past them, up the stairs.  Jayy was right on my heels.  I got to the top of the stairs and ran to a random room, which happened to be Dahvie’s.  I ran to the closet.  Jayy ran in and tried cornering me.  A dart past him just before he catches me and run back down the hall to the stairs.  On the first step I slip on a pile of powder.  I squeal once before I go tumbling down the stairs.  When I finally stop I just lay there.  Everyone runs over to me.

“Are you okay?”  Jayy asks.  I lift my head up slowly.  I can feel the start of several bruises all over my body and there’s a searing pain in my left shoulder as well as in my right knee.  I grimace in pain as I sit up.

“I think so.  My shoulder and my knee hurt, though.”  I say finally.  I look up and see Dahvie is trying hard not to laugh.  I raise one eyebrow and he stats laughing his head off, Jinxxiee joins in.

“I’m sorry, I know that probably hurt a lot, but it was hilarious.”  Dahvie says, gasping to try to catch his breath.  I sigh and look to Jayy.

“Help me up?”  I ask.  He gently lifts me and put my feet down.  I try standing on my own but my knee won’t hold my weight.  I gasp in pain and lean back against the wall with my eyes shut tight, trying not to cry.

“Can you wait till I get cleaned up, or do I have to take you to the hospital covered in baby powder?”  Jayy asks.  Even I laugh at that.

“Help me over to the couch and you can take as long as you need.”  I say finally. He picks me up and carries me bridal-style to the couch, placing me in one of the few spots not covered in powder.  Then the four of them go to get cleaned up.  Escence comes back and just looks at me.

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