Love Me True

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I am every girl. Every girl that hopes for a prince charming to sweep her along, every girl that watches those cheesy romantic movies and scoffs along with her friends but on the inside sighs at the possibilites of falling in love. I'm every girl that sits at home planning her wedding in her head, what song she and her husband will dance to at their wedding because they danced to it at some secluded club. I am every single pathetic lonely girl that plans how and where her true love will meet, be it an accidental collision at an a la carte resturaunt in Paris or a shared taxi on one of the many bustling nights in the city that can't and won't ever sleep, or even during a slow sensual dance at a club in Mexico. I am that girl a hopless romantic waiting for my time to come. Of course I've been in love with the same guy since forever, but like any tragedy he doesn't notice me and it's not like he'll notice me anytime soon. 

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