Couldn't Get Enough, Speechless, The Sunrise

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Chapter 4: Couldn't Get Enough

September 13th 2011

I saw you again. 

The night before, when I walked you 

home and said farewell, I knew I would be back.

I couldn't get enough of you. 

A smile appeared upon your face,

then twisted confusion appeared next.

But you still looked gorgeous.

I stood on your front step

before the sun raised above.

I had a surprise to show you that morning.

One that I only planned for you, love.

I couldn't get enough of you.

Chapter 5: Speechless

I stumbled upon my words,

as a boy stumbles upon a stone

when I  told you I had a surprise.

My angel was still speechless,

as I blushed. 

After 2 minutes you still looked surprised,

I chuckled and told you to tell your parents

that you'll be coming with me.

Only if you wanted too.

Your curvy frame disappeared inside,

and I took it as a yes to my surprise.

The moment I couldn't see you, I did

a backflip times 4.

Jumping for joy didn't begin to discribe my feelings

at that poin and time.

Speechless was I this time,

when you came back out.

A flower you had for me,

and it was my favorite I told

you the night before.

It is rare, but simple like you.

The only thing I could do was smile,

as I smelt it with glee.

I held out my arm, and as 

our arms hooked, my heart jumped.

The first time I felt it beat.

We walked to where my seceret place is,

my surprise destenation.

Chapter 6: Sunrise

We walked there in peaceful silence.

It was perfect timing too.

The clouds on the horizen turned pink,

organe and yellow,slowly you figured

out what my surprise was.

You hugged me tight, you hugged me closed

and it was all I needed to know.

Your head rest softly on my chest,

as I leaned against the tree.

We watch the sun move above the horizen,

breethless from its beauty.

The sunrise was our silent symbol of

friendship and love.

The sunrise was my thank you

for being you.

The sunrise is one thing you 

can look at, and know that I am still

with you.


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