Meadows of Reality

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 “Here,” she said quietly. “Here is where everything melted away- and reality had faded.” It’s a funny thing, reality. People accept it so willingly, without any doubt or second thoughts. Nobody really questions reality until they’ve thought those deep thoughts- until they’ve felt those lonely feelings. 

The green grass was about the height of her waist, as she was exploring the mysterious open meadows just behind the cabin. At times, it would seem like the land would stretch forever into the distance. Everywhere and every direction she turned she could see the bright blue, cloudless sky above the fresh land covered in tall grass and thousands of dandelions. Her name was Jane, a lonely, quiet girl who spent her minutes counting down the next hour, and the hours counting down the next day. 

She looked down at her wrist. 2 o’clock, the watch had read. It had been stuck at this time for days, as it’s battery had died. It was too significant to throw away, she wouldn't even dare take it off. As the warm summer breeze guested around Jane's body she could smell the fresh afternoon wind. It had a nostalgic feeling to it, even though sje had just moved to these mountains several months ago. 

It was so dreamy, everything felt surreal and perfect. In the distance, she could spot out a mountain range, even thought it hardly stood out. As Jane turned around the start heading back to the chain, she heard a faint sound. 

”Is that… a train?” she thought to herself.

Indeed it was. A train in the meadows. It was getting closer, and louder. Just as it seemed to be right behind her, she woke up.

 All alone, quietly observing her surroundings. Those days she couldn't tell if she was awake or dreaming - and if she was honest, she's prefer to be dreaming.

It’s that kind of silence where it’s so quiet, it’s loud. She's in the deep woods sitting on a large mossy rock alongside an old unused trail. The only audible sound is the pine trees, swaying in the wind. And just like that, the scenery dissolved right in front of her. She's now resting on a white bench in a small, confined, completely white room. There’s a grey metal door to the left of Jane, with a small square window in the center. 

She got up, and as soon as she touched the door, it disappeared instantly. She didn't like it there. She could hear heavy machines through the thins walls, as if she was in a quiet factory. As she stood in the door frame, a man with a long white coat, black leather boots, and thick glasses quickly passes right in front of her, without turning his head.

A few seconds past after he had left  Jane's view, so she took a step out and turned to the right, to see where he was going. But nothing, nothing was there. No man, no hallway, no anything. Just blank white.  

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