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It's been three and a half weeks since Niall kissed me. It hasn't been awkward, except when Lee is around. Niall told me he liked me back, and he liked Lee, too. So it sort of felt like I had some competition. I knew I had competition, who was I kidding. Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, weighing in at 90 pounds, Lee Charters! And in the other corner, weighing in a 117 pounds, Terrance Calder!

School had started again, and Lee mostly avoided me, that is, unless her possy was with her. Niall had talked to her about leaving me alone as much as she could and she was at least trying. I had to respect her for that, but she also had a reputation to keep up.

There were rumors flying around the school of Lee cheating on Niall, like she usually would on any guy she dated. I didn't know what to think though. The way she and Niall looked at eachother, I don't think it was possible that even she could have such a cold heart to cheat on him. As much as it pained me to see, they were in love. And not just some kind of puppy love, where you stay up kissing and giggling kind of love. They were head over heels for eachother, and didn't even make an effort to keep it from my line of view.

I would never tell Niall that it hurt me to see them acting all lovey dovey, because he was still my best friend and I wanted him to be happy, even if it meant me being in physical pain. Niall was much too important to me, so I refused to show any weakness towards them.

Lee and I had tried to go with another one of Niall's requests, and that was hanging out so we could get along better. We went shopping together sometimes and texted, trying to make things work, but that was kind of hard to keep up because of how she treated me in public. She was embarrassed to be seen in public with me, and I knew exactly why.

I was never even considered a person at my school. I was bullied constantly for my skinny legs and frizzy brown hair. I had glasses and used to have braces, but I got them removed a few years ago. The only thing I got compliments for were my strait teeth, but usually when the person realized who they were talking to, they backed right off.

The bell rang, telling the students that it was time for lunch. I dreaded lunch, because I sat alone every day. I wasn't even cool enough to sit at the loser table, so I ate in the girls change room to avoid getting bullied even more, and eat in peace. I was about half way through my apple, when Lee walked in.

"Hey, Terra, I'm really sorry about how I treated you infront of Kimberley and Tylene. You know how bitchy they are, and I really don't want to be rude to you, you know that, right?" She pleaded. She had started calling me Terra, and I liked it. It sounded girlier and that was one thing I really wanted right now.  "So, to make it up to you, I stole my dad's credit card, and I'm taking you shopping after school. Total make-over! All on me. Or, my dad, I guess." She giggled.

"Sure! I'd love to come shopping! What time, and where should I meet you?" I asked her.

"Just right after school come up to my car. It's parked in the west wing parking lot, row D. You know what it is, right?" She asked, making sure I knew where I was going.

"Yeah, I know what it looks like! I'll see you then!" I smiled, happy that Lee was being nice to me again.

"Mind if I eat with you?" She asked, pulling a brown bag out of her beige and blue Gucci backpack.

"Not at all!" I smiled, pushing my bag out of her way so she could sit down on the bench with me. We sat there eating all lunch hour, talking about random stuff, and I tried to ignore the subject of Niall coming up, and surprisingly I was succeeding. Or so I thought.

"So! Do you think you can help me ask Niall out?" She asked, her bubbly personality leaking through.

"Oh um... I don't know... Oh crap! I had a tutoring session today with... With... Mr. Whyte. I'll talk to you later, okay?" I said, nervous about the topic.

"Okay! See you!" She cooed.

No way Niall and Lee could go out. Niall was going to ask her with the whole dinner thing three weeks ago but he decided not to. Him and I eating all the food probably played a huge part in his decision. I was suddenly glad I could eat almost as much as Niall, because he made a LOT of food. I was still feeling gross from eating all that, and it was about 3 weeks ago! Jesus that boy's cooking stuck with me for a LONG time.

After avoiding Lee for the rest of the day, I raced home to the boys' flats. It donned on me that I had forgotten my key in my room that morning. Looking at my watch, I realized the boys would be home from recording in about, oh, say four or so hours. I sat against the door waiting for the boys to come home, and I must have dozed off.

"Should we wake her up?" I heard someone say. Liam, I think.

"Well she hates being carried so I think it'd be best to wake her up." Niall said. I recognized his accent, it was so different. Probably because he was Irish.

"Good point." Liam said again.

"Oh can I do it?" Asked someone beside me, Louis I think it was. Oh god. Wake up me, wake up! I thought to myself. Too late.

"TERRANCE!!! WAAAAAKE UUUUP!!! TIME TO GET UP!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A HOBO AND YOU SMELL LIKE ONE TOOOOOO" Louis screamed in my ear, causing me to shoot up and smack my head right on the door knob.

"Louis you dolt!" I screamed at him, pushing him away from me, holding my head. "Open the door please."

When they opened the door, I walked right into the kitchen to get an ice packet on my now throbbing head. The boys had decided to watch a movie, but the movie was disrupted by Lou's constant apologies to me. Every time I told him I was fine and that I forgave him, he would sit calm for a few minutes, then start right back up again. Finally, I had had enough of Lou's constant apologies and just went upstairs.


Ah. Okay. I tried to make it over 3 pages long, but it didn't happen T.T I made it as long as I could, but it's 2 and 1/5 pages long, so hopefully that's alright with you guys c:

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