Chapter 2 (Evening Wear)

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Title credit (Evening Wear) goes to Mindless Self Indulgence, the song half-matches the chapter ;) 

Chapter Warnings: Drug dealing (of sorts), Akatsuki, and finally prostitution. Slight cliffie. There may be slight language, but nothing excessive. Slight Sakura bashing, it can easily be brushed off as Sasuke being bitchy though. I don't hate Sakura, but the girl I'm writing this for does. 

Also, a quick word. I am fully aware Naruto is hypocritical as fuck, but he's going to be developing in future chapters. Just want the dobe to be a dobe for as long as possible...

Comments are much loved, and thank you for reading my mumbo-jumbo. 

Enjoy! :D

The 'Book Store' Chapter 2; Evening Wear

The sign was flipped from 'opened' to 'closed.' The lights at the front of the store were dimmed as the back room was prepared for guests. Green tea was made, pillows arranged on chairs and ears were left straining to hear the coming approach. Tonight was not just another night. It was a meeting with the boss, a man with much power and an improper gaze. The man seemingly in charge of the real business that is the 'book store.'

The door clicks open as Sasuke comes from the back room to join Suigetsu in greeting the 'guest.' He despises this man who teaches him, hates the gold-tinted gaze and his ability to slip around everything like a snake. It is fitting for him to be snake-like, however, because that is the symbol of the gang.

Gang. Such an ugly word, but nonetheless true. If it were older, had more class, Sasuke might feel one way or another about the title. But this group of criminals and dreamers, haters and killers is barely fifty years old, and dwarves in comparison to the family business Sasuke was born into, and was subsequently ripped from.

"Hello, Sasuke," Comes the hiss from the boss, one of his hands running through his long black hair as he looks the man over.


Dark hair, dangerously white skin and clashing black eyes make him look every bit the threat he is, every bit the Uchiha he was born to be. The frown, the cold glare... he's such a perfect little boy to play with, such a wonderful piece to have in his arsenal. The silver snake fitting in the man's ear as jewelry proves that Sasuke is his, a part of the mismatched and still growing family.

"Suigetsu, you're not wearing our symbol, have you decided to leave our group?" Orochimaru snaps, turning his gaze to the somewhat distasteful white-haired male.

The man doesn't have the common sense to do anything more respectful than frown take in his appearance, then proceed to whine at his leader.

"But I doooo, boss man! You just can't see it, you see, they're on my... undergarments..." Suigetsu whispered the last part, placing his hand just to the left side of his mouth as to block the noise from the others in the room, a useless action in a room with such well-trained delinquents.

It's all for appearances, and they let Suigetsu goof off in his own right. Once it becomes too much of an annoyance he will stop, or he will be stopped. He knows where the lines are, and he knows exactly where and where he can't cross them. He's not an important piece in such an organization like this one for nothing, though it often does seem that way.

Orochimaru nods, annoyed, and reminds the imbecile to place his Snake proclomation in a place more visible. He then allows himself to be led into the back room where he sits in the chair that only he can sit in during visits such as these, an old but stable armchair with intricate snakes patterning the wood frame and purple cushioning.

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