Chapter 3

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"Jack I never said that." he sighed. "Yes you did! Don't tell me you didn't I was on the recieving end of that hate." I said starting to get angry. "I said I hated what you were doing to yourself, you were killing yourself slowly. Trying any way you can to die." I was stung by his words, even if they were true. "I couldn't watch you die Jack, you were like my best friend I couldn't just sit back and watch you kill yourself." Sighing I sat on the edge of my bed and put my face in my hands "you could've waited until I got better, you didn't need to walk away from me when I needed you most. What was so wrong about staying while I needed someone to lean on?" He looked angry at my question, "Jacklyn do you remember anything i've ever told you druing that time?" Confused I looked up "what are you talking about?" Now he looked pained, "I told you I loved you at a party and I didn't know you were drunk until the next morning when you woke up next to me and said 'how the hell did I get here?'" I was stunned I couldn't believe it he loved me? "yes I love you." I said that outloud? "yes and that too if you wondering." He smiled a little when he said it. Shocked at my self I spoke outloud conciously this time "why didn't you tell me again?" 

"Jacklyn do you know how hard it was telling you the first time?" I shook my head. "It's harder than you can ever imagine." I looked away from his gaze "you can't love me Derick, you never once acted like it and we've barley talked for years. You don't know me anymore. I'm not the girl you fell for." He walked over to me, he took my hands in his "you'll always be the girl of my dreams Jack, no matter how much you've changed your still the one i'll always love you." 

Scared he was right and scared he was wrong, I pulled my hands away "I can't be the girl you want Derick. I can't be the girl anyone wants, I'm damaged goods." I saw hurt flash in his eyes before he masked it "I understand if you don't want me, but dont lie to me." Confused I questioned "what are you talking about? I'm not lying to ou i'm being truthful, i'm not the right girl for you. You need someone who isn't going to hold you back, i'm not that girl Derick don't you see?" Close to tears by the end I looked into his eyes pleading with him to see reason. "Jacklyn I love you." then he kissed me.  

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