Dani's POV

The next morning I wake up and look around. Everyone was spread out all over the living room. I slept next to Alfie and Nathan. I walk into my kitchen and of course, Nialls there. “Morning, how did you sleep.” He ask. “Umm... good, you?” I ask. “Not the best night of sleep” he says still looking at me. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” I say. Before he could answer my phone rang. I slide across to answer it.

D- Hello?

S- Hello Dani, its Simon.

D- Oh hey Simon, what’s up?

S- I have some news for you, and I don’t know how you are going to take it.

D- Just tell me

S- Okay, well we have checked the fan base and it seems that when people see you and Nathan they think you two are going out, so we want you two to fake date.

D- What? He is my best friend.

S- I know, I’m sorry but we have already decided it.

D- Does Nathan know?

S- Yes we told him yesterday

D- Okay i guess I’ll do it, bye Simon

S- Thank you Dani, have a good day now.

I hit the end button and walk back into the kitchen and see Nathan and Niall. They were actually talking. I’m afraid what they were talking about. “Hey can I talk to you” I say pulling Nathan out of the room. “You get the call from Simon too?” he ask. “Yeah, what are we going to do?” I ask. “Looks like when everyone's up we tell them.” He says. “Ugh, I’m sorry we have to do this.” I say. “I should be the sorry one, I know about you and Alfie.” He says. Oh my god I forgot about Alfie. “How did you know?” I ask. “I saw him ask you the door wasn’t shut all the way, Congrats!” he say. “Yeah, but I don’t know how it’s going to work out now.” I say “Don’t worry I already talk to him yesterday, he’s fine as long as he gets you whenever we are home.” He says laughing. “Did I ever tell you that you are the best friend I have ever had!” I say hugging him. “Come on, lets go put on a show.” We walk out hand in hand and Niall looks at us. “Umm... what’s going on here?” Niall ask. “Nathan just asked me out and I said yes!” I say fakely excited, I saw Niall’s face drop. “Oh.” Is all he said.

***A Week Later***

It’s been a week since the whole thing with Nathan. It has just been weird having to kiss and hug him in public, it’s just not us. Nathan and I have gotten in a lot of fights lately. I feel like this whole set up is just ruining our friendship! Alfie has been really supportive through all of this though! Nathan is still the only one who knows... He is truly an amazing friend. Even when he is extremely mad at me, he would never tell Alfie and I’s secret. I don’t think anyone has noticed... we’ve been extremely careful. Currently, Nathan and I are mad at each other. Obviously, no one else knows that... Which makes it really hard to act like you are in love with your best friend when you are extremely mad at him. I can’t even remember what we are fighting about... It’s always something small. Right now, I’m the closest to Liam, Marcus,  Nathan,  Alfie, Tom, and Kelli. I don’t know what’s going on with Harry... I kissed him when we were playing Truth Or Dare... but we haven’t talked since then... Zayn, Max, Siva, and Jay are pretty good friends... We just aren’t extremely close. Niall and I don’t really talk. Marcus is like my big brother! He’s a really good friend, and he isn’t famous so, I can go places with him and not worry about being discovered. Well, I mean he is YouTube famous... But... You get what I mean. I have fans, but they aren’t crazy like Directioners.

“Dani!” I hear Nathan call from downstairs. I walk out of my room and into our living room. “Yeah?” I ask him. “I’m sorry” He says softly. “Honestly I don’t remember what we were fighting about” I say. “Actually... I can’t either...” He says and I laugh. “I miss the days when we could just be ourselves... Now it’s just not the same.” Nathan sighs. “I know... I miss you” I say and hug him. “Woah, am I interrupting something?” I hear Tom ask. When did he get here? He must of saw how confused I was because he says, “I just walked in... And i was wondering if you LoveBirds wanted to throw another house party, because the last one was pretty epic!” I look at Nathan, he smiles at me. “Sure, why not?” I say and grab my phone to start to invite people. “This one is going to be smaller than last time” I say and Tom and Nathan just nod and leave the room. “Invite the rest of the boys!” I yell to them. “Okay!” I hear Nathan reply. I think I’ll call Liam first.

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