Leaving the World Behind

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(THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. I WROTE THIS BUT IT IS NOT MY LIFE STORY.DONT JUDGE.:) ) jessie was my bestfriend. Since we were 7and now we are 17! we have had so many meomries together. buliding sandcastles and entering the contest to only find out we lost. running away to go to a party.We were bestfriends we told eachother everything and we knew more about eachother then anyone else. i think thats why its so hard for me to live right now without her. its so hard. i wake up and i go to text her only to remember she died and then i start sobbing again. the days feel like years without her. i cant wait to go back to sleep and dream we are together again but i fear waking up to reality. And i will never ever forgive Erin. the reason behind this. the reason jessie isnt here. the reason jessie killed herself. we use to all be bestfriends until a few months ago when erin and jessie boyfriend started dating. behind her back. when i found out i was so surprised i didnt know what to do. so i did what i thought was right. i told jessie. she cried and cried. i felt so bad. thats when i got a call from erin. she told me i better control jessie or her secret is coming out. i was scared, i tried controling jessie,and jessie tried controling herself. but when erin and jason,the cheater, are waving their relationship in jessie's face,what jessie did was bound to happen. Jessie punched Erin. and then we ditched the rest of school. as we pulled into my driveway i got a text from erin "i told you once and im not telling you twice.the truth is coming out" i knew this was bad. if everyone knew jessie's secret who knows what would happen. i quick texted jessie and jumped on the internet. it was all over. Jessie's life lie! was the head line on Tara's blog. as i scrolled down, i felt tears streaming down my face. the article read" Jessie life is a lie! her real name is emily! She has had a baby and she still has it! wondering who the father is? the crazy physco fromt the high school shooting last year! yea thats right the 23 year old! go to hell bitch! night" that ended tara's blog. i heard my doorbell. i ran to get it. it was jessie. She was crying. i walked her up to my room."they surronded my house screaming "go to hell" im surprised i got out?" she cried even more. my first thought was where is her baby,kelley. "Where is kelley??" i asked frantic. Jessie looked up. she looked scared. "oh no. i left her in the car with the windows down because i was coming to ask if we could stay here and you pulled me up here and i forgot!" i took off downsairs. i grabbed my dads pistol. thank god my parents where gone for the weekend. i walked out side. jessie behind me. we walked around the house to the driveway. there was the car. there was someone trying to get the baby out. i guess they saw me but not the pistol " Jessie cant take care of this baby! im taking it to the police! " "leave the baby and get off my property!" i screamed. jessie was shaking and so was i. i could feel my heart in my head. they grabbed the baby. my first thought was shot their foot. i did. the dropped kelley but luckily she got up and ran to us. i called the cops. they took the person,cara,to the hospital. we went inside. kelley went back to sleep after crying alot. jessie was passed out too. i grabbed my cell phone. i called my brother,justin. i told him the story and in minutes he was at the house. he must have awoken kelley. kelley came over and sat on my lap. "Daishye" she said trying to pronounce my name daisy. justin sat down and i gave him 2 year old kelley so i could go get her some food. when i came back in kelley was so happy to see the food. as she ate justin and i talked. we agreed we had to call the cops to clear jessies house so she can go home and justin and i will keep kelley here. but for tonight sleep is the best. so we all slowly drifted off uneasily.  

i awoke to jessie crying. she was reading comments on taras blog. i turned off the computer and told jessie our plan. i was not completely sure if she could hear me becuase her crying was very loud but when i finished talking she nodded. that day she went home. everything was getting a little better or so it seemed until i checked the internet. jessie just commented on taras blog " screw you all! be happy im leaving this world.goodbye" i called jessie as quick as i could i was fumbling with my phone trying to type her number becuase i was shaking. she answered. "I CANT DO THIS! IM LEAVING THIS WORLD!" she screamed obviously crying. " i have a better plan, we all pretend we died. we tell our parents we are 

running away and we do. we run away. You,justin,kelley and me and ill bring Max" i tell her, max is our other bestfriend but he is on vacation and he is coming home today. he knew the secret too. "that sounds better then this life. ill be at your house in 20 minutes bye" he hung up. i text max and i told Justin. we packed. luckily justin packed already because when he got my call he assumed he would be staying till my our parents get home next week. and for kelley i packed old clothing we had in the attic. we were ready to leave. i wrote a note to our parents. as i finished up jessie walked in the door. "lets go" justin said. as we walked out the door no place in mind to go,just to go.

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