My Life

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"Hey stop!" I yelled as I was running. "The more you run the harder this will be."

He ran into an apartment building and up the steps. I wasn't far behind him but when I opened the door to the roof he had a gun pointed at me ready to shoot.

"Take a step closer and I'll blow your head off."

"Ok, I surrender."

I stood there with my hands up when suddenly the guy I was chasing hit the ground. The gun fell out of his hand and I ran over there to get it.He had been shot in his leg with an arrow.

"Took you long enough."

"Sorry, had a little trouble with the bow."

"I thought you were actually gonna let him kill me."

"Now why would I let such a pretty little bird die."

"Ha ha. Quit playing 'Romeo'." I looked at my partner on the other roof and he had a smile on his face.

I walked over to the guy to question him. "So do you wanna do this the easy way or the hard way?" He looked at me and didn't respond."Ok hard way it is." I pointed the gun an inch away from his head and shot it. He jumped a little bit.

"Death does not scare me."

"Ok then why don't you just be nice and tell me who you're working for." I stepped back getting ready to shoot as he yanked the arrow out of his leg. "That's not gonna do you any good."

"Trust no one, cause all you know is about to change. Be careful what you wish for and speak not of what you heard, for when it is spoken there shall end the III. And when it is spoken watch out for the full moon, or like the third you shall meet your doom." And with those last words he stuck the arrow in his heart and died.

What was that supposed to mean. It just kept replaying in my mind over and over again.

"Hey Jordan are you ok?" my partner asked me through my earpieces.

"Yeah... I'm fine. We should probably get going."

We arrived back at the base and everybody was happy to see us. My friends came over to give me a hug of relief like they thought I was gonna die on this mission.

"We were so worried about you guys", Nachel said aka Emerald. She got her name because she was flexible like a snake and her favorite color was green.

Around the base some of us were named for certain characteristics that we had. I was named Shadow Hawk. Shadow because I was very sneaky and could follow you like a shadow and you not evan know I was there; the hawk part was because I had pretty long jumps and they said it looked like I was soaring threw the air.

My cousin Danice was named Arachne; it was a Greek name that meant spider. On a couple of missions she kinda had to seduce some guys and then kill them kinda like what female spiders do to the males, and she was really good at fleeing the seen without getting caught.

 "After you guys took longer than 3hours we were going to send out a search team."

"Thanks guys but we're ok."

"What took you guys so long?" my boyfriend Derrick asked. He didn't have a nickname so I gave him one myself. I called him my dare bear because he always did daring and stupid things on missions that had half of us scared to death.

"It just took longer to find who we were looking for. And for a second I thought Gabe was gonna let the guy shoot me; he took forever to shoot the arrow in the guys leg."

"Hey it was an accident. My bow slipped, but you gotta admit it was a pretty nice shot though.

"Yeah whatever."

Gabe thought he was all that when it came to shooting bow and arrows. I mean he was the best archer we had in the agency but he let it go to his head. His nickname was Robin Hood; he hardly ever missed a target.

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