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Chapter One -- A Day At The Beach

Okay. That was the best dream ever. The dinner. The stars. The guy... My guy that is... Tyler Brunsman. My god, that smile.His eyes. His strong muscular arms. His voice, sexy and sultry... Mhmm...

Anyways.. I was rudely awoken form that dream by my Nana. At 7:00 Am. Apparently that exists...

"Time to get up sweetie, we're going to the beach. Remember??"

Finally! Beach day is here! I get up out of bed, and groggily look out the window. Kinda rainy for the beach. Oh well, I'm getting wet one way or another. I get dressed in a white olympic tee and grey capris. Bathing suit in bag. Brush teeth. Brush hair. Eat breakfast. Pack towels. Make food. More food. Ready to go!

An hour later, we're sitting in traffic waiting to enter the park. Nana is driving, my best friend Jodi is in the front seat, chatting away as usual. Me and Tyler (yes he actually is my boyfriend <3) are in the backseat. Holding hands and smiling. He's also playing with my hair, twirling it around his fiinger in that adorable way of his.

"Get a room you too! Like seriously though- no one wants to see that!" Laughs Jodi, peeking from the passanger seat.

"At least I have someone to be gross with! Your twenty, and have no boyfriend.., Get on that before you die,dude!" I laugh back.

"You think this is gross?" Asks Tyler with a smile. And so the friendly banter goes on...

We're on the beach now. It takes me literally two seconds to change and get in the water. If I was a Demigod, I'd definitely be Posiden's daughter. (Yes, I am a nerd. I like Greek mythology. It's like my drug.) My cousin's Kayla, Nikki, Cameron, Mackenzie, Ashton, Skylar, Debbie,and Nova and her kids are already there.

"Come on Kayla! Cam, Kenz, Ashton! Hurry up boys!" Anticipation sets in. I need to hit that first monster wave. This is what I live for. Summertime and Clam Harbour waves, cold as they are, make everything better. I can forget about it all.

We're in the water. Here she comes... Only one decision left... Jump it, dive under, or Plow through?

An hour later and me and Kayla are the only ones left in the water. "Here comes a big one, Emily! Kayla calls. I just smile.

I croach down,excitement building. I eaderly plug my nose, listen to the water come on. I wait for the pull of the current back, anticipating the coming wave. There it is. The curl starts to peak. Time to pounce. I sit with my eyes open, take final breathe,close my eyes, and get pushed back by this massive beauty.

Have you ever gone wave-jumping/diving? It's a not-so-dangerous thrill. The part I love the most is right before I close my eyes against the wave, there's that moment of sureness that I will beat it. Seeing the white, spongy foam start to form and then take me down, feeling the ultimate power of the ocean. There's nothing like it. I love that the ocean is unbeatable. nothing stand in its way. Try as I may, even I can't keep my balance the entire time.

The crash of the next wave coming through rouses me. I let out a huge whoop, and am down again. The waves crash down all along the beach. It's pure bliss.

"Emily Louise Sutherland! You get out of that water right now! You need to eat something. You're all skin and bones."

"Coming, Nana! Just one more wave!" Ten waves later, I decide its time to come and eat something. Subs for luch. Yummy! I quickly shove half of one down my throat, chug a can of pepsi, and am almost back in the water when...

"EMILY! We have to go look at the sand sculptures!" Four-year-old Skylar wails at me...

"Alright! Let's go! Come on, Kayla, you're coming too!" And away we go.

There are about thirty scultupres down along the beach, but i'm not exactly paying attention. I'm watching the waves roll in.Each one extruciatingly longer and bigger than the others. One sculpture did catch my eye though, IT's by professional scuplter Ben Waterman. He made a portrait of the Emerald City, complete with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion from The Wizard Of Oz, for those of you who don't know the in the hell the Emerald City is.

Other scupltures were, to the best of my memory, a mermaid, a shipwreck, an octopus, a castle, a person, spongebob, a turtle, and some wierd skeleton thingy...

Anyway, we're back in the water and hitting every wave . Each one stronger than the next. What feels like five minutes later, which was really five hours, We get the call to come change. It's time to go home.

As we drive away, I can't help but close my eyes and picture the rush of the oncoming waves, hear the sound of the water pushing past, and feel the force of the ocean.

A reason why i'm telling you this... Not every day is this perfect.

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